It is one of those trendy places where a green tea will set you back about 7 pounds, presumably because they chant or say prayers over it while it’s brewing. Or something.

The waitress is staring at the lawyer, she obviously likes what she sees. I try not to show my irritation at how blatant she is but when she quickly glances at me, I can tell she’s trying to ascertain whether we’re “together” or not.

It wakes the petty demon inside me. I lean across the table and rake my fingers through his hair.

“What happened to you this morning? Slept through your alarm, did you?”

He looks confused and I can’t blame him, his hair is looking perfectly fine.

However, before I have time to take my hand back, he grabs it and slowly kisses the inside of my wrist. He couldn’t have done better if he’d been a knowing and willing participant in this pathetic mini-play of mine. Now I feel small, and guilty—while out of the corner of my eye I see the waitress slink away—she’s definitely enlightened.

My wrist is feeling tingly…and it’s quickly spreading to the rest of me. I have a sudden urge to jump across the table and mount him right there and then.

I guess some of that (or all of it) must show on my face because he says:

“Let’s get out of here.”

“What? But, we just ordered drinks…”

“Fuck the drinks!” he replies.

I barely have time to grab my bag and coat before I’m led away from this ridiculous hipster place. Looks like I won’t get to sample their magical green tea after all. And I don’t feel sorry one bit—there is nothing like a little spontaneity.

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Emotional intelligence


Creative people. Nothing is ever wasted with us, is it? No matter what happens in our lives, we usually find a way to use it. Being creative is such great therapy, you pour all your emotions into whatever it is you do, and you usually end up feeling all the better for it.

So much of what I’ve written has been motivated by what was going on in my head (and heart) at the time so I understand better than anyone the need to get it out in writing or whatever.

However, I would never write about a specific situation or person without letting them know how I feel first. It’s just basic respect as far as I’m concerned.

I used to have this problem with the narcissist. I would explain to him how I felt and I would get no reply. At all. Nothing. As I obviously didn’t deserve one. But then, eventually I would end up on Facebook or Twitter and…there it was: his indirect reply to me on a public forum where our situation was discussed in details with his friends or followers.

I used to positively hate it! I wasn’t worth talking to directly, instead I had to see it all splashed out in public. This is what I call: “there’s no fucking point to it communication”. It serves no purpose at all but to destabilise the other person – it is thoughtless at best and hurtful at worst. It is an ego trip for the person who decides to air their views in public rather than talk to you directly. Still, the narcissist wasn’t creative at all, and well…he was a narcissist, but I recently interacted with someone who is clearly creative but who also has problems with communicating.

I don’t know why it came as a surprise to me that creative people can also be emotionally stunted. I always assumed that if you were creative, you obviously had the ability to communicate and enough emotional intelligence to do so in an adult manner. I guess I foolishly assumed all creative people were like me – how silly of me.

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Golden Hair

Adam: great writer. I always look forward to his short stories. In fact, when I get a text asking if I could take a look at something because he wants a second opinion, I actually get really excited.
He is the only WP peep I’ve met in “real life” because we used to live in the same city (he’s now moved away, Boo Hiss) and that connection we first had online turned out to be absolutely fucking perfect when we finally met. We had drinks & spent the night talking about *everything* and it was brilliant. As it happens, I produced some good writes-up after our encounters so he’s clearly inspirational too.
Do please read this: I’ve been meaning to feature Adam on my blog for ages 💜


Golden Hair

By Adam Dixon


I’ve been sitting here for hours now. The wall has made my back ache and my backside has gone numb from sitting on the floorboards, but I don’t mind. Not while I can sit here with her head in my lap, stroking her beautiful hair. I would happily sit here all day doing this and I’d barely feel the passage of time. I live for these moments, when I can relax, hold her in my arms and run my hands gently through her gorgeous golden locks. It seems that these moments don’t come frequently enough, but when they do…bliss.

I love my Bev. Beverley Watson, to be precise. Beverley Anne Watson, to be even more so. A name which has fallen out of fashion somewhat, but I can’t think of one any more beautiful. She doesn’t think so, my Bev. She thinks it’s a…

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Coffee and cream


aren’t you pleased to know about my kinks
thus gaining the ability
to not play fair
and yes,
I can’t even be mad at you in peace
so I’m sitting in a coffee shop
unable to breathe
my cheeks flaming
sudden blurry vision
are you alright, says someone
yes, I’m fine
I reply
convincing nobody
they look at me curiously
who was that blowing up your phone?
no one at all
I say, nonchalantly (what a fraud)
none of them buy it
my friends know me too well
though there’s no way
I’m gonna explain
and so I try to go back
to our previous topic
(would you believe)
as my body is currently consumed
by an acute need
that has really nothing to do
with the bloody conservatives
(just wait, I’m going to do the exact same thing
to you – soon)

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The snow has finally heard my call and has arrived,

so pretty and dignified and white

Please, please let it settle—I plead to the powers that be—eyes full of wonder worthy of a child

The snow mantles the usually Spartan slopes,

the landscape has been transformed and made bold and beautiful

this heavenly blanket has softened all of the sharp angles

My long-awaited snow! I want to roll in it, let it freeze my extremities

feel the icy flakes melt slowly against my cheek

like the sweetest butterfly kiss
in history

*I can’t even begin to tell you how ecstatic I am that the snow has finally found its way to me. I can’t remember how long it’s been since I last saw it in this country — too damn long*

Full moon


you like it when I bite
don’t you?
when I push
and I fight
lacerating your clothes
as fingertips turn into claws
leaving marks
visible in the dark
I’m a treacherous rose bush
but I get under your skin
when you get too close
drawing tiny pearls of blood
when you lick
my delicious thorns
it’s only for a few nights
mind you
as soon as the full moon
with its mad light
I’ll be back
to being a cute pussycat
(yeah, right)
until the next time
the werewolf
to come out
of the crepuscular woods

*This silly thingy was inspired by a little chat just now with the lovely Vic (don’t ask)*


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I read this a while ago and it *really* spoke to me. Eric is a fantastic writer with a love for—and understanding of—women that’s inspiring af. I keep saying I want him to be cloned because he’s too damn far away and I need a British version of him real bad – I’m only half joking. This man is wonderful: both as a writer and a human being 💜

My Sword and Shield....


She is bruised
She is not broken
She coils
around her heart
like the warm earth
embraces the seed
protecting it
from the frozen world above
gathering her strength
until the spring
when she shall rise
and the world shall bear witness
to her beauty
in bright vermillion

*authors note: Another tribute to all the brave female hearts I am privileged to know.

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Just like that


There was no thunder and no lightning strike —

none of that overblown drama

The day was overcast

and when it started to rain,

huge fat drops splattering on the pavement,

you offered a crooked smile

and made space for me under your umbrella

Just like that you stole my heart,

as at that exact precise moment,

I wanted you to

I wanted you too

image credit: yuumei @deviantart