Abercrombie & Fitch are delusional

A US petition condemning the ideology of the American clothing brand Abercrombie & Fitch has collected a few thousand signatures already.

The petition target: the absence of sizes XL and XXL for women.

The controversial fact emerged last week when the Internet site Business Insider revealed that the brand did not carry any stock of clothing over size L.

Benjamin O’Keefe, who started the petition, denounces the fact that Abercrombie “does not want overweight teenagers wearing their brand”. He explains that Abercrombie should “apologise to thousands of young people ” and he demands that the brand should start making clothing for “all shapes and sizes”.

When looking at the women size chart of Abercrombie, it is an inescapable fact that XL and XXL sizes do not appear. For men, XL and XXL sizes do exist as a lot of “muscly” sportsmen fit them and they are sought after by the brand.

One man is the focal point of all the criticism: Mike Jeffries, the CEO of Abercrombie. He has been vilified online ever since a 2006 interview in which he detailed the policies of the brand. “In each and every school there are cool and popular kids, and then others who are not so cool. Frankly we are interested in the cool kids, with a great attitude and lots of friends. A lot of people do not belong to that group and will never be able to. Are we exclusive? Totally.”

Mike Jeffries did not hide the fact that sales persons had to fit in with this very specific brand policy. “In our stores we need attractive people. Because attractive people attract other attractive people. And we are only interested in cool and attractive people. We are not targeting anyone else. ”

It is not the first time Abercrombie has attracted controversy. In 2010 a sales manager, who unsurprisingly chose to remain anonymous, stated that “any clothing we make which has even the tiniest fault is immediately destroyed”. He went on to say that the brand would rather destroy any faulty garments than giving them to charity because “Abercrombie does not want to give anybody the idea that poor people could possibly wear its clothing. Only people of a certain caliber can buy and wear the brand’s clothing.”

I have never been a fan of the brand myself – their clothes are rather generic and really not that cool even if they do like to believe otherwise –  and I find their appalling attitude towards what is meant to be “cool” and who should wear what disgusting to say the least.

Frankly, when Jordan starts being papped wearing your brand, then it’s time to realize that your “exclusivity” has gone down the plughole. Along with any credibility you may ever have had.

If Abercrombie’s ideology leaves a bad taste in your mouth, the petition is here:


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