The Twelve By Justin Cronin

In The Passage, Justin Cronin imagined a terrifying world, born after a government experiment unleashed the apocalypse. 
Today, the adventure carries on with The Twelve, the second part of the monumental trilogy by Justin Cronin.

Nowadays: while the plague triggered by man unleashes, three strangers navigate among the chaos. Lila, pregnant, is so overwhelmed by the propagation of the violence and the epidemic in a devastated world that she carries on with the preparations of the birth of her child as if nothing was happening.

Kittridge, nicknamed “Combat in Denver” for his bravery, is forced to flee to escape the viral mutants, armed but alone, and aware that a tank full of gas will not take him very far.

April, a teenager with fierce willpower fights in a ravaged and bleak landscape to protect her younger brother.

All three soon discover that they haven’t been completely abandoned – and that hope remains, even in the darkest of nights.

A hundred years later: Amy and her “disciples” – the heroes of the first book of the trilogy, who fought in The Passage for the world’s salvation – don’t know that the rules have changed. The enemy has evolved. The 12 modern vampires, the original source of the proliferation of the virals, have given birth to a new occult power, incarnated by the evil Horace Guilder, who has an infinitely more terrifying vision of the future.

If the 12 are to fall, one of those who have joined forces to destroy them will have to pay with their lives.

An extraordinary parable on the theme of sacrifice and survival from the fertile mind of Justin Cronin, The Twelve will fulfill the expectations of the many fans of The Passage, international best seller unanimously hailed by the critics, as much as it will enthrall those who have yet to discover the prodigious universe created by Justin Cronin.

Brilliant, thrilling, poignant, the 800 pages of The Twelve are guaranteed to give you sleepless nights


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