Pretty Little Liars: guilty pleasure

Shhh, it’s a secret! Shhh, shhh, don’t tell your friends that every week you are glued like a post-it note to the screen to watch the pink and black tribulations of the four Pretty Little Liar girls.

It’s nothing to boast about, is it. Watching this is like dipping again and again in a can of Pringles or family-sized sweet bag: “One last one and I’ll stop…..”.

Guilty pleasure, sweet left lying around, it is always possible to invoke the need to know as an excuse for watching. It’s the mystery, you say. I absolutely need to know who killed Allison! I need to know at all costs! And the cost is to keep watching, every single week. WHO is the despicable “A” , masked persecutor of the four surviving girls? And while we’re at it, why is “A” so evil?

The problem is that knowing the answer to all those questions would De Facto put an end to the show. So the writers drag it out. They draw it out, spin it, stretch it and spread it as far as they can. They’ve been doing it for 3 seasons.

In Rosewood, smart little suburb , all the records have been broken when it comes to fake culprits, dramas and spectacular twists.  The four nymphets have had to put up with and endure everything: they are threatened, they are spied on, they are bombarded with evil text messages and even their lovely boyfriends are being hassled.

The girls are courageous and brave though, and are determined to fight back. Obviously while never forgetting to look their best and making sure they are wearing the latest fashion, hair and make up. ‘I am scared EVERYDAY!” wails Aria with a perfect blow-dry, beautiful smokey eyes, just re-applied luscious lipstick and a to-die-for black lace rock chick dress.

The show is Beverly Hills with a few scares and twists thrown in, but boy is it successful. In the US each episode gets three million viewers  for ABC family. The show is the most talked about on Twitter and fans wait for the next episode while nervously biting their remote control.

Apart from the obvious reasons ( crazy cliff-hangers which make you NEED to keep watching while sometimes barely being coherent) I suspect there is a certain perverse pleasure keeping the (mostly teenage girls) fans addicted.

Because really, what are we watching? Celluloid dolls, ( apart from maybe Spencer) being mistreated and abused like the barbies of a sadistic little girl.

It is actually a fact that whoever “A” turns out to be, the reality is that: “A” , the plague of the four annoying princesses, “A”, the nightmare of the four perfect Barbie girls, “A” is really you, and me and all of us, the viewers.


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