So Ezra is A, get over it!


Not that long ago, I wrote about Pretty Little Liars. I said that the show was fluff, but enjoyable fluff. It is a guilty pleasure and I don’t take it seriously contrary to thousands of hormonal teenage girls. Anyway, what I did say in my last post was that the show was so successful that the writers ( keen not to kill the golden goose so it could carry on laying its fabled egg ) were stretching the story lines so that we were not likely to find out any time soon who A actually was. Well, last night, we found out! The evil, merciless A is none other than good, erudite boy Ezra. Bold move there as I fully expected A to remain unmasked for at least another season. Which leads me to ask: is it really likely that we would find out, already, who A is?

My natural cynicism thinks not, in which case, the whole Ezra thing is a ploy. Something to get us all excited and keep us watching for a while yet. Personally I do hope that my cynicism is unjustified and that Ezra is the bad guy. He’s always been such a clean-cut good guy and to find out he has a dark side suddenly makes him a hell of a lot more attractive and, dare I say it…..interesting. Plus, if he is really the demonic A, it means that the writers haven’t totally abandoned all logic in their pursuit for ratings. The whole thing would actually make sense.

But enough with all that. What was really interesting about watching the show more or less live last night (not something I’d normally do but I was massively egged on by a diehard fan whom I find it difficult to say no to…….) was the aftermath. Twitter became a hot bed of hysterical girls screaming, crying, wailing and generally making a nuisance of themselves. You would have thought somebody had murdered one of the 1D guys. “My heart is broken” said one; “I will never trust another man again” another one solemnly professed. It was frightening in its intensity and characteristic of emotional teenagers. I mean, man! They took the show THAT seriously.

What I wanted to do was to reach out to them all in a collective hug and tell them to, you know, just calm down! You’re allowed to get involved in a show, sure you are – even one as frivolous as PLL – but being near hysterical about it is just taking it that step too far. What I can’t help but think is that, if they had other interests and kind of used their brains for other things, their feelings wouldn’t get encapsulated in such a way. Like, you know, read a book, a newspaper, find out what’s going on in the world, walk into a forest and hug a tree even ; and I pretty much guarantee that Ezra being (or not) A is not going to get the hysterical reactions it got last night.
I mean, I know about frivolous. I was once addicted to Beverly Hills 90210, a show with as much depth as Paris Hilton. I watched quasi religiously every week and got so very upset when Dylan and Brenda broke up so, yeah, I know about being hormonal and a teenager and the need for intensity……but there are limits dammit!

Crying is fine, in fact it is almost a prerequisite when you’re a teenager ; but cry over things that matter a little more. Not over, you know, pure and utter fluff.
Oh, and the other thing that got me was that 3 out of 5 tweets last night were from people complaining about the fact that they hadn’t seen the show yet and that other people had given away who A was on Twitter. Well, duh! If you’re stupid, and I mean really stupid enough to go on Twitter when you haven’t seen it  and you don’t want any spoilers, then you deserve everything you get!

So get with it people! You’re allowed to care about the show, I’ve said that already ; but talk about it, discuss it like the intelligent Homo sapiens that we’re supposed to be and don’t just sit there crying like a dumb arse. That is all. Is Ezra really A? I’m not sure. I still suspect a trick. I really hope he is though. But to be honest, all considered, I don’t really care that much. Now will Sean Bean come out of his prison alive, or dead? (Got to that particular party pretty late, I’m still on Season 1) If he dies I shall cry until there is no water left in my body. It’s all about Game of Thrones, no fluff there …….so tears are allowed and even welcomed.


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