The endless self-promotion of Tom Daley

Today started in quite an anodyne fashion so I wasn’t prepared for the earth-shattering news that was to come mid-morning. Yes, Tom Daley has announced that he is in a relationship with a man. Well strike me down! Surely not? Could it really be? I’m sure nobody saw this coming! (Out)

Sarcasm aside, the amount of column inches devoted to this was, predictably, vastly exaggerated. Everybody knew and, who can possibly care? All gay men across the land rejoiced, obviously, and a great number of women sighed – but as for the rest of us, immune to the inexplicable charm of Mr Daley, we really couldn’t have cared less.

Tom Daley has great popular appeal because of his boyish good looks and his propensity to take his clothes off at every given opportunity. Tom Daley is a bimbo, basically. Apparently he’s quite good at this diving/swimming malarkey but nobody should kid themselves that this is the reason he gets attention. No, he’s popular because he’s good looking (bleurgh, not to me but I’m incredibly fussy – all I see when I look at him is the face of an over – excited and ultimately annoying puppy) and women, and men, fancy him. I will admit that he seems to be a nice guy, inoffensive really. So why have I got a problem with him then?

Two reasons actually. The first is the shameless, and shameful self – promotion. It has been relentless and whore-like from the very beginning and, my God is it cheap and tiring! Tom Daley is the Jordan of the swimming world, except he does have some talent and lacks the noisy vulgarity of delightful Katie. But he has built an entire following, like Jordan, out of taking his clothes off. All the time. “Look at me with my cat” say Twitter/Facebook updates, except the cat is almost invisible and Tom’s trunks are the focus of the pic. Right, that ball of fluff in the corner is meant to be what your update is about? Really? Why don’t you try being genuine in your whoreness and say “look at me, aren’t I hot? Look at how tightly packed my trunks are, don’t you all just want me? If you want to see more why don’t you buy my calendar? Wink wink”

It would, at least, be honest and I would respect him a little more. But no, being honest is not what Tom Daley is about. So instead we get endless shots of him in his trunks, in various poses, accompanied by utterly banal statuses "Oh, look at my new video game, my new sofa, how the sun is shining today, my new pen, etc….

My second reason for disliking Mr Daley is the fact that, after all the enthusiasm for the Olympics died down, nobody remembers or cares about all the great athletes who participated. Some of them are more talented than the diver but, and it’s a big but, they are not photogenic and they don’t pose virtually naked every day. Who cares that they are dedicated, talented and work very hard to represent their country? Hardly anybody, that’s who. Real talent is forgotten and ignored in favour of the pretty boy with the Colgate smile who likes to pose a lot. Shameful really.

Tom Daley looks like a puppy and he’s just so very bland, with a face that shows the utter emptiness behind it. Looking at him is like looking at a vast array of nothingness. Some people have taken exception when I mention the fact that, well, this boy really doesn’t look very bright or as if he has anything of any interest to say on anything. “He’s not stupid they exclaim, he got As in his A levels!!” Right, because A levels haven’t been devalued at all and As actually mean so much these days. And I find that most people don’t seem to realize that academic ability has rarely got anything to do with intelligence. In any case, I’d rather people just admitted to fancying him rather than try to pretend that he’s got more to offer than a perfect dive in tight trunks.

The news that Tom is in a relationship with a man was no doubt announced because some tabloid must have got hold of the story and were going to run it. His PR machine did the only thing you can do in such cases and decided to announce it themselves – damage limitations. It can’t have been easy for them. His mass appeal will be diminished now. I laughed when I read that he said in the announcement that he “still fancied girls.” Well, of course you do Tom. You still need them to buy the calendars. The pink pound isn’t enough, is it? You need ALL the pounds. Even with his big announcement, which I have no doubt he was forced into, he can’t be honest.

On his Facebook page he said “not been an easy decision to make, hope you can support me.” Please! So you have no problem with thousands of people taking your calendar and a box of tissues to bed with them BUT you find it difficult telling the world about whom you’re dating? This is so disingenuous it’s actually laughable.

I’m not going to lie – there are worse role models, but Tom Daley is a perfect example of the vacuity of this modern society and celebrity obsessed culture.

2 thoughts on “The endless self-promotion of Tom Daley

  1. At lease with other flash-in-the-pan celebrities, I can pretend that it’s some sort of soulless promotional machine driving their career. Not Tom though; teasing his junk is his own idea. I think he’s a nice guy, I’m just annoyed by the hypocrisy. He is a dense bimbo who knows only one thing (besides diving): ‘People like me more in a speedo than in pants.’


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