Pretty Little Liars, again. Just because.

I saw last night’s Pretty Little Liars episode today and I just have to share a few thoughts:
Why, oh why, has Zack suddenly turned into a complete creep? I know he hasn’t featured much in any recent episodes but he always seemed a perfectly decent guy….up till now. I’d like to know who came up with this twist in the story as it’s just totally unbelievable. The fact is, even if Zack was a total jerk, would he really be stupid enough to hit on a girl who just happens to be his fiancee’s daughter’s friend? Er….not likely. I know Hanna is hot, but there’s bound to be other hot blondes in Rosewood. Ones that are not so closely involved with his fiancée. He would have to be majorly, like, totally stupid – bordering on brainless. Either that or he really doesn’t want to walk down the aisle and that’s his cowardly way of telling Ella. Either way, he’s a total douchebag and we now know this engagement is going to be pretty short-lived and will end in floods of tears.

Ali’s dubious fashion sense……What is it with all the blazers, mumsy dresses and weird tops? You’re not going to a job interview, girl. You’re supposed to be young and kind of fashionable. And the scarves! My god, I want to get that girl a new stylist, like yesterday. She desperately needs one.

Toby wants to be a cop to help “put a stop to things”. Hmmm….is there a special Rosewood Cop Academy that gives you a medal and diploma after just six weeks? (That would certainly explain why the cops in Rosewood are so dumb) Because you would hope that, no matter how smart A is, he/she would be caught before Toby actually graduates and joins the Rosewood Police Team. Another sign that the writers want to let A roam around the town, torturing the girls for years? Yep, probably.
Talking of the Rosewood Police, do they not know that you are not allowed to interview a minor without a parent/guardian being present? That doing so is illegal and more to the point, that anything extracted from that minor would be totally useless in court? Don’t the girl’s parents know that too? Where are Spencer’s lawyer parents when you need them? Oh right, too busy breaking up because of all the lies.

Why was everybody being vile to Hanna? Being intoxicated on a frequent basis is not reason enough to be doubted. Hanna is not naive enough not to know when someone is hitting on her. Yet here she was, being doubted by her best friends. Not good enough, Emily and Spence! As for Aria, the torrent of bile she threw at Hanna deserved a sharp slap if it deserved anything. She managed to bring all of Hanna’s insecurities back to the surface with that tirade. As if Ali hadn’t done enough damage to Hanna’s psyche since her return. Shame on you Aria.

Somebody is going to have to stage an intervention soon enough though. Hanna’s habit of reaching for the bottle is becoming worrisome – and it can only get worse after that run-in with Aria. Also what’s the problem with Caleb? Have I missed something or is his attempt to recreate a watered-down version of Sid & Nancy with Hanna still totally unexplained? Speak up Caleb, let us know what’s eating you. Or go and see a therapist. Either way, don’t bring Hanna down with you.
And then there’s Ali, whose dad wanted to take her away, oh, only two episodes ago – because he was so, so worried about his daughter. Yet, we’ve barely seen him since. And now he’s left town for a few days. Again. Is it any surprising she’s such a scheming little bitch with the parents she has/had? And scheme she does. When Hanna is less than enthusiastic to Ali’s suggestion that she should stay at the Marin’s residence – Ali cuts the middle man and goes straight to Hanna’s mum, who swallows all her lies, hook line and sinker.Then she organises for Noel Kahn to break into the house to give credence to her kidnap story and get at least one adult on side. Jeez, will this girl stop at nothing?
I’m wondering how much more unlikeable Ali is going to get before this is over. I’m guessing very, although she already irritates the hell out of me.

I won’t even mention Spence and Emily getting locked in the stables with a demented horse in the middle of a storm. That was so predictable, it was actually laughable.

As for Sidney and her (literally) gigantic mouth, she’s not as clever as she would like to think. She managed to make one slip but it was obvious enough that even Emily seemed to register it and think twice. Oh Sidney, how much simpler your life would have been if you’d just decided to enjoy daddy’s proceeds from all the frozen yoghurt shops – instead of bringing Emily some silly sweater bearing her status as an assistant coach, as if that’s enough to make her take on the job. Oh…looks like it might be. My bad.

We also discovered that A has musical talent, or at least can decipher music somewhat. Circling all the A notes was not very original but even an omnipotent being such as A cannot be inventive 24/7 I suppose.

I must finish by pointing out that I cannot for the life of me understand why everyone in Rosewood walks around in dark houses with unlocked doors. You would think that they’ve all seen/learnt enough to make sure doors are bolted, windows are shut and secure and – not to walk around in complete darkness ffs. I can only assume that A hasn’t traumatised anyone enough yet. Anyone of us subjected to A’s antics might have had a nervous breakdown by now, and even if not – we would never enter a dark room without flooding it with mega-bright light first ……preferably while clutching something pointy and sharp. But not in Rosewood. Even Radley is as dark as hell. How do they expect the patients to get better while they live in constant shadows? That’s what I’d like to know. But I won’t hold my breath for an answer to that any time soon.
All in all, it was a pretty good episode though. Pretty Little Liars is definitely back to being the deliciously enjoyable fluff it used to be. Feel free to let me know what you thought of yesterday’s episode….or the show in general.

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