Does anybody actually care whom A is?

Sooo, Alison is A? Maybe? That’s what last night’s episode implied at any rate. Which means that it’s another bright red herring of course. Who knows and who cares: the point is – Ali is a bad, rotten apple and I’m glad that even dim-witted Emily has finally realized that.

Too bad Em let Paige go because of said apple – and obviously, just as Em realizes that she wants her ex back, Paige is working the little black dress on a date with an unidentified blonde. Hmmm, if I were Paige I would not give Emily another chance but I’m betting she will all the same.

What else happened? Tanner kept on with the habit of questioning minors without a guardian being present; so I was glad Aria’s dad finally mentioned that, er, she’s not actually allowed to do that.

Melissa delivered an impeccable over the top confession to her little sis and then ran off to London. As you do. The whole Melissa and Spencer being in the same room for the confession was overly dramatic and badly directed in my opinion, but whatever.

Full marks for The Tempest quote though: just to remind us that the Hastings sisters are, like, proper smart – Melissa couldn’t possibly ‘do’ a vulgar confession, she has to do it while quoting Shakespeare. I’m pretty sure that will have flown right over the heads of PLL’s target audience, but no matter – I appreciated it.

Spencer offered the suggestion that Caleb looked “haunted” while talking to Toby. Seriously, Spence took so long finishing that sentence I actually said the word a full ten seconds before she did. Does that mean that I have psychic abilities? Or that Spence and I are on the same page? Or that the writers were stating the obvious? Probably the latter.

Mona is still veering from evil to fragile, yawn. I want to know what it was Aria whispered in her ear – the writers are getting lazy. Or maybe they just keep all their best lines for Spencer. Well, duh. Of course they do.

Caleb finally confessed all to Hanna – and it had to be one of the most stupid tales I have ever heard. It might have made sense for whoever watched his doomed spin-off but for the rest of us, it sounded just plain laughable. I won’t even mention the ouija board or the fireflies. Nope, I really, really couldn’t take any of that seriously.

Also, maybe Caleb would have better luck getting to sleep if he tried an actual bed instead of an armchair or couch. Just a thought. Still, ridiculous confession aside, the hopeless romantic in me rejoiced at the fact Haleb is back on track. I think Hanna deserves the last word: “I didn’t come this far not to have a happy ending.”

That was worth so much more than all the speculation as to whom A actually is.


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