Why I’m rooting for James Hill

Oh, how I love The Apprentice!
Wednesday nights are such a treat as I settle down to watch how the teams handle the latest task.

Like most viewers, I shake my head in disbelief at some of the stupid things said and done by the contestants, but I’m all too aware that the show is heavily edited – hence what we see is not necessarily what happens.
Plus, let’s be honest here, it’s soo easy judging from the comfort of your home – but would any of us do any better if we were given 48 hours to come up with a brand new idea and a whole marketing strategy to promote it and sell it? Probably not!

In any case, this year I’m rooting for James Hill.
And no, it’s not because I fancy him or think he’s hot. Although I’m not denying that he is. Hot I mean. But as I said, not the reason why I want him to go all the way.
I’ve never been into looks – the fittest guy on the planet could come up to me but if he’s got nothing but his looks to offer – yawn, boring, I’m out of there. You need to have personality, make me laugh….something…. anything, for me to give you the time of day.

Now that’s out the way, why James then, I hear you say?
Well, quite simply because his enthusiasm is infectious. He’s like an eager puppy who’s ready to have a go at anything. And he’s going to make sure he has fun along the way too. His energy actually leaps off the screen and I love that.

He doesn’t take any s**t from anyone either. Last week he was PM and didn’t shy away from telling Bianca (was it Bianca?!) what was what.
I so totally could see myself doing exactly the same thing. Maybe that’s another reason why I’m rooting for this guy – because I identify with him more than any of the other contestants. He’s had trouble keeping his mouth shut at times, especially in the boardroom, but yet again that’s probably what would land me in hot water too. Identifying, I tell you!

But the way I see it, the “talking too much” when it’s quite clear you should shut the hell up, is another sign of his endless energy, enthusiasm and confidence. And what’s wrong with all those things? Bloody nothing at all, that’s what!
James stands out by a mile among the other contestants.

The only other person I’ve got my eye on is Solomon. I think he has potential too: energy, brains and a sense of humour….but he needs to come out of his shell and show us what he’s made of. So far we’ve only seen glimpses of Solomon’s potential, while James is stealing the limelight like Tom Cruise in a “jumping on the sofa on Oprah” kind of way.

I can’t wait for tonight’s Apprentice – apparently it’s all about the big apple which sounds pretty exciting. Whatever happens though, like every week I’ll be rooting for James – I really hope he goes all the way.

In any case, I can predict James Hill will go far – Apprentice or no Apprentice.

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