We will not be silenced


The cold-blooded murder of at least 12 people in my home country today has left a trail of shock, anger and sadness in its wake.

The senseless attack on the Paris offices of the magazine Charlie Hebdo shocked the world – but was most keenly felt in France, for obvious reasons.

What those, as yet unknown terrorists failed to understand, is that Freedom of Speech is at the heart of the French “spirit” and no barbaric attack is going to change that.

In a world becoming more and more obsessed with Political Correctness, freedom of speech and the freedom of the press is something France has fought very hard to keep alive.

Fanaticism and cold-blooded murder is not going to change what is deeply embedded in the French psyche.

You do not attack freedom of speech in France with impunity – this, the current (and future) terrorists will learn the hard way.

Today, France suffered a great loss – but it is standing united and will not bow down to savage and ghastly tactics attempting to threaten one of our most basic right.

My thoughts are with those who were lost today – and with their families.

3 thoughts on “We will not be silenced

  1. Thanks for posting this. My brothers in Satire at Charlie Hebdo will be in my thoughts as I continue to write satire and mock idiots who murder in the name of their fucking religion. Fuck being sensitive and nice. Islam, as a faith, sucks. The god damn religion is pelleted with dogma calling for such actions from its believers. And, no, not every one who practices this “religion” behave this way, but far too many do. Enough! Sorry, but this shit pisses me off!

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    1. And thank you for commenting! I happen to think that organised religion as a whole (whichever one it is) is pretty rubbish – it breeds intolerance and floods of blood have been shed in its name over centuries…..

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