Simple Wisdom


The man dived into the clear water. Down and down he swam, holding his breath, the water seemingly turning darker the deeper he went – until he reached the bottom and visibility was almost null. But the man was not deterred. He knew what he was looking for, and his skilled hands hunted around on the sea bed until his fingers had prised open the hard shell and liberated the precious wonder.
Swimming up was strenuous, the man kept visualising that first gulp of wonderful, vital air – he tired and struggled, but still he kept on, gripping his valuable cargo with fingers that would not, could not let go.
Bursting through the surface and finally, exquisite oxygen filling his depleted lungs.
“Why do you need to go so deep and take so many risks?” said his friend back on the beach. “I found five pearls just over there in the bay, and you’ve only got one.”
“Just one”, agreed the man: “but look at it”.
There on the palm of his hand, lay the most lustrous, perfectly round pearl – emitting a very slight, barely distinguishable pink sheen.
His friend was stunned into silence.
The man very simply said: “This hallowed treasure is very rare. Only one who is willing to plunge into the murky depths deserves to find it”.

12 thoughts on “Simple Wisdom

    1. Thanks. It’s simply written with a simple message – just plain old common sense. But I do think that sometimes it’s good to remind oneself of the simple ,obvious things in life, you know?
      Please feel free to shoot me down if I’m sounding too French, i.e. Pompous πŸ˜‰

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      1. Is it like a game we’re playing where I have to say “excellent” at least a couple of times a week on your blog and you have to mention “sexy” a couple of times on mine as well? Haha πŸ˜‰

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