50 Shades of fairytales

With Valentine’s day, and the release of the embarrassingly cringey “50 Shades” movie just around the corner, I was going to write something to do with it all – except I just read this and it’s pretty much perfect: it’s how I feel and think, but it’s somebody else’s words 🙂

See, there's this thing called biology...

Perhaps I am greedy with my demands, but I do not want a Valentine’s Day love that is as flat and two-dimensional as a Hallmark card. I do not require the pretty words of others to know what love is. Love is everyday, it comes unbidden, little things, surprises wrapped like gifts when you expect nothing. I made you a pot of coffee. I left you a towel.

I do not seek cut flowers that will soon wither and die but rather moments of silence together, puppy love, the sweetness of just holding hands, wrapped in secret memories of long dead crushes. A red balloon snatched from a car lot. A snickers bar. Your treasured dead earth worm covered in fuzz from your pocket. It’s not the gifts I seek, but the intentions of your heart when you handed them to me.

I do not want a box of candy…

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