The one where I interview Aaron Causer

You know when you regularly read a blog and start getting a picture about the writer? Except it’s only a very limited kind of image that forms in your mind. So, Aaron Causer and I decided to interview each other so as to get a “fuller” picture. The idea was 10 questions and there were no other rules really. Aaron writes erotica so I didn’t really have any idea as to who he was, apart from that side of him. After this interesting exercise, I feel like I have a little more of a clue.
You can check Aaron’s website before or after reading this (personally I would say after), but in any case: here’s the link to it:

If you were given the opportunity to have a private dinner with either 1 of these 3 people: Barack Obama, Charles Baudelaire or Ben Stiller – which one would you choose and why?
Well, while all three of these have a unique appeal, I would have to say Barack Obama. I am really interested in contemporary politics, and while dinner Charles Baudelaire and Ben Stiller would be really interesting for different reasons, I would love to have that one-to-one audience with Obama. Whatever we think of his politics, or him as a person, he is a genuine first, and someone who has a handle on some of the world’s biggest issues.

Assuming you were in a committed relationship with someone you love deeply and you randomly found yourself at a party where your ultimate fantasy walks in: what would you do if said ultimate fantasy makes it clear she/he is willing to have a no-string one night stand?
I would say no; in those situations I have the capacity to say no. My belief is that if I am in love, deeply as is said in the question; although the offer is tempting; I would say no. The issue is, I would know what I had done, and that would be like a poison. The chances are though, being a bit of an exhibitionist, I would call my said loved one and ask her if I could invite the ultimate fantasy to watch us in action. The issue of sexual activity or interaction is not the issue per se, its the deception. I don’t like that.

How do you feel about porn – used within and outside of a relationship? Elaborate.
Porn is porn. It is a consumable. I don’t have an issue with it, in or out. Again, the issue comes around deception and untruths. Also, the definition; what is porn? What is acceptable and what is not? Porn can be great; but some stuff is just ridiculous. If you ask me what I like to see; I’d much rather watch regular people at it.

From what I’ve gathered on your blog, I’m guessing you’re straight – are you? And if yes, have you ever been tempted or curious (and done anything about it if you have?)
Yes; I am straight in the sense that I am not attracted to guys. But, I have no qualms about sexuality. People are what they are. Also, the label of straight and gay I find difficult. I prefer the thought of a continuum with straight at one end, and gay at the other. In reality I believe everyone lies somewhere on that continuum, between the two. Regarding curiosity; no I am not curious, nor have I actively ever been out and thought I would love to try stuff with a guy tonight. At university, one of my best friends and housemates was gay, so being out around gay guys, with other guys was never an issue. I have also had the pleasure of being in a threesome with another girl and guy, and while it wasn’t a full on swap, being around another naked guy (with a hard cock yes), while with a woman was not an issue. From a writing perspective; reading m/m literature is not an issue, and I am more than happy to write scenes like this. I plan to write something on Ancient Rome at some point, so there will obviously be m/m contact in there and, as I said, no problem! Hopefully, that makes things clear; and yes, when a guy is sexy; I can see it because I am not blind! I also find homophobia pretty repugnant.

Do you believe you have in you to ever kill another human being?
I believe we all, somewhere, deep down could if we had to. Given that perfect storm of circumstance. But, could I willingly or by choice? No; certainly not. I actually despise violence. I hate it. I have seen lots of violence; and it is not pretty. I hate the fact that violence seems so acceptable in society. People should get naked more and love. I actually find lots of the BDSM stuff people blog about very difficult. I am not judgemental; and people can choose to do whatever they like (within legal boundaries), but I find it difficult to get my head round. However, I do understand the complexity of it, so would never criticise anyone persons particular ‘boat floater’.

When was the last time you did something nice for someone while expecting absolutely nothing in return and what was it?
I buy packets of biscuits for homeless people, does that count? Usually chocolate ones. I expect nothing in return; I just hate seeing people in shitty situations.

If you had the use of a time travel machine, where would you go and why?
That’s difficult as I love history, but if I had a one time use, it would be Ancient Rome. I know I said I hate violence earlier, but lets be honest, there were very few interesting historical times and places where violence was not rife. I love reading about Rome, and learning about the Empire. I love the nature of the relationships, the complexity of the plotting,and the power of the people. I would have to fit in as a visiting dignitary from out of town, so I could join in with the ruling classes, and hopefully an orgy or three.

Who is your favourite writer and why?
Here, I am ashamed to say, I am not a prolific reader. I know I am supposed to pretend to be fully in the zone and reading regularly; but I don’t. I have to really want to read something to sit down and give time to it. If I can say a few writers that I love (and I avoid the naming of my favourite bloggers; I enjoy reading them as much as published writers often), I would start with Robert Harris. Fatherland, Pompeii (both amongst the few books I have read multiple times), Archangel to name a few. I love history, and particularly ‘alternate histories’. Tolkien, I also love reading. The Hobbit was my first ‘real book’. I love the Lord of the Rings, and have read some of the other stories around Middle Earth as well. An amazing mind. I have just recently read my first Simon Scarrow book about Macro and Cato, two Roman soldiers and plan to read more of those.. Finally, of note I really love the writing of Michel Houellebecq, although of course I only read the English translations. I love the way he writes people, and situations. Atomised I love, Platform, Lanzarote and The Possibility of an Island are all well thumbed and on my shelves. I really love the way he writes sex as well.

Lord of The Rings or Star Wars? Why?
Difficult. Too difficult. If you said Star Wars, the original three, it may well have been that. But, considering the whole package; its Lord of the Rings. Loved the books, loved the films. Read them numerous times and still as good as the first. I am really into the Game of Thrones TV series, and am contemplating grabbing the books as well. I have to say though, I have an issue with the book reading snobbery here, when I hear, ‘oh yes but I have read the book, not watched the TV version’, it really pisses me off. So many people have been like this with GOT. I wish they would piss off; not everyone has the capacity to read such complex novels, so why should they miss out. Mini rant over.

If the devil appeared in front of you and offered you anything at all in exchange for your soul – would you accept? And if so, what would you ask for?
I don’t believe in the devil; and the soul is concept I find difficult to understand. But, I have seen the Simpsons episode where Bart sells his soul, and the outcome wasn’t good. So, I’ll keep mine, just in case it exists. However, if he could arrange a foursome for me and my wife with Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie in a luxury hotel for an evening; I would consider giving the him/her (the devil) my left nipple in exchange. Fair deal no?

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