In France……


At Easter, you can find wonderfully rotund eggs
All wearing blue or pink ribbons, sitting proud
As if wearing their Sunday best, in front of the crowd
In France, chocolate is serious business – we don’t just eat frog legs!

It’s fair to say chocolate makers go nuts at Easter
Everywhere, ravishing handmade chocolate sculptures
For so many (me as well) Easter isn’t about the scriptures
But the chance to gorge and get a chocolate-induced fever

Luscious fishes, hens in their nests, shy rabbits, the all-important Easter bells
We eat them all, until there is no choice but to loosen our belts

Happy Easter everyone 🙂





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8 thoughts on “In France……

    1. OMG it was totally amazing! I could hardly breathe and was yelling at the TV like a banshee at one point: “Glenn!!!!!”
      I think this was the best season since season 1…. and maybe the best season finale ever

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Oh la la! Some mouth-watering feast these are…..yummy and oh so scrumptious easy on the eyes, eye candies, literally! 😊😍

    Beautifully penned piece of poetry too to boot….’Easter isn’t all ’bout the scriptures’,
    the ‘sculptures’ too am guessing! 😉

    Totally love this Purple, and do ensure to enjoy what’s left of the celebrations and just…splurge! Bon apetite, mon amie! 💟✌😙😂

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