The Queen just doesn’t care folks!

This morning, the Madonna-Drake kiss was still trending. The internet was awash with people taking the piss because Drake wiped his mouth afterwards and looked “disgusted”.

Well, I watched that controversial kiss and Drake didn’t look too upset by it while it was going on. So he wiped his lips afterwards – it being Madonna she probably was wearing 25 coats of lipstick and lipgloss – and that would taste pretty vile.

Whatever, none of this is the issue. The issue is the fact that so many people can’t accept that Madonna, at her age, still behaves like a hot-blooded woman. How dare she? How sad, and pathetic and when will she take up knitting ffs?

Yeah, that kiss was probably staged (by her) but this is what she does – this is Madonna’s selling point: sex. It has been since days of yore and it’s not about to change now. Personally I’ve always had a sneaky suspicion that she’s not that much into it and that it is mainly a marketing ploy. Which is fine.

I’m not a Madonna fan but I’m getting really pissed with this pathetic ageism and sexism. Whether it was staged or she really fancied getting her tongue down some guy’s throat is neither here nor there – the gleeful comments about the cougar and “her poor disgusted prey” were just ridiculous.
Get over it people. Madonna really, really doesn’t care what you think. She couldn’t give a rat’s ass if the whole internet melted down in shock and horror at her antics. Hello? She loves people talking about her and the more insulting the comments are, the better! It just confirms her in her role as the edgy misfit who still has the power to shock and outrage – it makes her relevant, still – and all the people rushing to have a go are just playing into her hand.

Like her or not, Madonna is a Queen. She has cemented that status over the last fuck knows how many years – and nothing anybody says is going to change that.

You have a problem with a 56 year-old woman kissing a much younger guy? Fair enough, express your feelings, tell the world. Just be aware that the Queen doesn’t give a flying fuck what you think.

And just for information, there are plenty of 56-year old women out there who kiss people, fuck people (some of them younger than themselves), who enjoy it, and might (gasp, shock, horror) even be good at it. Get over it. And hope that you might be lucky enough when you get to that age to have as much fun as they’re having.
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12 thoughts on “The Queen just doesn’t care folks!

  1. I smiled when I saw this. Remember back in the day when she was banned from performing in Rome because her dance routine included rubbing her crotch (pretty damn hard) through gold bikini bottoms? πŸ™‚

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