Happy Pills are (usually) not the answer


Feel-good pills, Magic pills, Happy pills
You spread your chemicals in our veins
Numbing, stealing our feelings and pains
You are false friends, seemingly helpful till
It is time to pay, and then – what a heavy bill

I haven’t been sleeping much. “Why don’t you take a Valium or something”? said someone. “Just for a couple of days, just to get back on track”.
Er, no, thanks. Some stuff has happened and I’m dealing with it. I don’t need to numb my feelings, what is that going to achieve?

Call me crazy but I don’t believe in “happy” pills. Like, you can’t magic away the pain, can you? Where does the pain go when you “take something”? Because I don’t believe it just disappears, it has to go somewhere. If you stop yourself from grieving or dealing with pain, it is only going to reappear at some point down the line – and it might very possibly hit you ten times harder then.
You go through tough times, you lose someone, whatever…….it’s up to your brain and body to cope with it. You go through the process – It’s normal and it’s natural. I’m going to be gross now but…..imagine having an abscess, you’d drain it and let the pus out, wouldn’t you? You wouldn’t just take painkillers to mask the pain of the infection because that wouldn’t make any sense, would it?

It’s not like I’m some crazy chick who believes that you should never ever take anything.
I recognise that sometimes there is a need for treatment and medication – but I don’t believe in popping stuff as soon as things get tough. You cannot and shouldn’t supress (mental) pain and anxiety – it’s just not healthy to do so.
Unless you’re clinically depressed, have a genetic and/or verified brain chemical imbalance or are diagnosed with a mental health illness – you should be able to deal with most of the shit life throws at you. It is such an obvious thing to say but: how can you really live and fully appreciate life if you don’t even try to fight through the hard times?

The pharmaceutical companies have been keen to push their products on us because they make a pretty mint out of making people soft. We are a generation who has been sold the idea that if we’re feeling sad, or worried or whatever…….well, we don’t have to and “there’s something we can take for that”.
As a result, addiction to prescription drugs has been the great problem of the last 20 years and a great many people are walking around disconnected from their feelings – and ultimately the world and their own lives.
I have an addictive personality so I know how easy it would be for me to fall into that trap with happy pills. I don’t want to go there and I don’t believe in easy solutions either. I’ve had a shitty few days, I’ll get over it: a good long walk on the beach, writing, a “therapeutic” chat with a friend, spending quality time with loved ones – those things require a little more effort but are ultimately much more effective than Valium.
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11 thoughts on “Happy Pills are (usually) not the answer

  1. You’re a wise woman. The pill trap is an easy one to fall into. And, it’s bad. I’ve been there. Drug companies REALLY like to push this crap. Good for you to stay away. All I have now is my morphine drip and vodka. And that’s just fine with me. 🙂 ( I’m joking about the morphine drip, not the vodka.)

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    1. That last pic in the post was for you! And me too! 😀
      Seriously though, I’m sorry you went through that. Drug companies have a lot to answer for, it’s all about money and Capitalism – health doesn’t even come into it

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  2. I’m with you. I will take tablets if I absolutely have to (for awful headaches, etc), but otherwise – nope. I get annoyed when I read posts by friends in the US that seem to be on a cocktail of drugs all the time, but of course keep my mouth shut.

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  3. I will never forget the day my former boss presented me with a psychiatrist’s business card and said the following:

    “Either get a physician and take meds, or I fire you.”

    Went to a physician, and he only gave me one pill for years of insomnia.

    I still don’t know what to feel about my boss. She often said I was “weird,” because I “had interests and pursued things that weren’t typical of people of ‘her’ variety.” Whether she was referring to my ethnicity, socioeconomic background, or something else is something I can’t verify. It just pisses me off thinking about that…

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    1. Your boss sounds like a right (weird) b***h!
      Are people even allowed to talk to their employees like that?! And what the hell is that: you have interests and pursue things that aren’t typical of people of her variety”….so what? What business was it of hers?
      From the sound of it, looks like it’s lucky you got away from her….

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