The Kingslayer

Whatever destiny awaits you, you will forever be the Kingslayer
No heroic deed will change the fact you are a monster
In most people’s minds and most people’s eyes
Your unfortunate fate is to be hated and despised
You are capable of the best and the worst
Your dignity is lost and your blood is cursed
Torn apart by a sick, forbidden and twisted love
A more fascinating character, I cannot think of
Ambivalent to the last, you cannot start anew
There are no men like you – only you

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9 thoughts on “The Kingslayer

  1. Im feeling the love for Jaime here! Tell you what, you can have Jaime and I’ll have his sister. Lena Headey…mmmm! 😈
    On a serious note, this is a great piece of character apreciation. My opinion of him flipped a full 180 degrees and I know that all of our hearts bleed for the Kingslayer who must remain a public terror. It puts me in mind of Professor Snape; Mr Martin and Ms Rowling can bloody deliver, that’s for sure!


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