50 shades of Grey

Yesterday, just before sunset, we chose to take a walk on the beach
It was windy and cold but rather beautiful and very atmospheric
Between the sky and the sea, there was so much grey –
grey everywhere, ‘infinite grey’ we called it
That’s when we decided to reclaim 50 shades
because right here and right now were many variants of grey,
infinitely more beautiful and also much better written –
although there were no words
There were powerful, enticing, dangerous and sinful greys
that put Mr Grey firmly back in the shade
Bad and trashy literature has its place, but when it’s the only literature you’re exposed to
You’re better off looking to nature for thrills and inspiration

9 thoughts on “50 shades of Grey

  1. Well said. Nature is more beautiful and a helluva a lot sexier than that bloody 50 Shades of Grey crud. I mean, if ya wanna make porn, just friggin’ make porn. Filling it with cheese and a powdered sugar coating doesn’t make it better. It just makes ya wanna spit it out when ya bite into it.

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