Creative People……


People who need to express themselves in some way, whether it be via painting, writing, taking photographs, film-making etc….. People who have things to say and need to say them. People who just have to send a little bit of themselves out there – like that many messages in lonely and fragile bottles flung in a crappy sea.
 People who cannot exist without tearing chunks of themselves out, because keeping all of it in would eventually suffocate them, eat them up like the fucking red leech sucks up the vile blue worm.

For me it’s writing, not always pleasurable – sometimes it’s fucking painful, like bleeding on a page – but it’s bleeding that’s also a necessary purging.
Writing is something that needs to be done. Sweat and blood might be involved in the creative process; it might not – what is produced might be worthless, or not. Who gives a fuck?
Creative people create.
Because they need to.

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15 thoughts on “Creative People……

  1. Excellent. I agree completely. Just got back from seeing the new Mad Max movie. Awesome! best damn action movie I’ve seen in as long as I can remember. If you like Mad Max and/or Tom Hardy, check it out. Fun stuff. Exhilarating.

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    1. Thank you 🙂
      Well, this was always going to resonate with some “other” creative people – inside your head, inside mine, bound to be lots of similarities there: we feel, we write and we share it. Birds of a feather and all that… 😉

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    1. I find it really depends: I go through phases where it *is* like bleeding, and it’s painful and difficult – that’s usually when the best writing happens. And then there are times when it is really easy, and words just fly out and I have no idea where it all comes from – all I know is that it’s *so* easy…. it just can’t be any good. That’s how I feel about it anyway. It’s all rather weird this whole creative process thing….

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