Rough Cut


I wish I could imbue our story with a cinematic feel
Some dramatic lingering shots
Of blurry rusty leaves and whatnot
Sepia toned to give it a vintage sheen

What we had was barely a B-movie
Not even sordid, utterly banal in its mediocrity
An unfinished tale – hardly Hollywood worthy
A rough cut of random scenes, poorly edited – c’est la vie

14 thoughts on “Rough Cut

  1. I’ve always fantasized about that final scene in Casablanca. How utterly epic it was, yet I’ve come nowhere close to that in life. What you’ve written is probably what most of us experience.

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    1. Do not look for movies for a *realistic* idea of romance is my motto. Do you know how many people I know who wail :”But I’ve never been in love, not like in ‘The Notebook'” – the poor deluded fools, they have NO idea! haha

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      1. Yeah, this is perfect! Exactly what I meant in that previous comment 😀
        I abhor that movie and I abhor anything to do with Nicholas Sparks. Actually, this might inspire a blog post of some kind soon…, thanks! 😉


  2. Astute observation and brilliantly written.

    … of course, I’m in denial and still hoping for a spectacular edge-of-the-seat plot twist – preferably not in the realm of horror or tragedy – before the happily-ever-after 🙂

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