When you thought you were gonna drown
You wrapped your arms around me and pulled me down
with you – I was suffocating, trapped in somebody else’s misery
Withering, no oxygen, poisoned by the fumes of hypocrisy

The slow erosion of everything I thought I knew, an acid so corrosive
I could not even perceive – grasp – how one could be so manipulative
All the things I did for you, you never tried to do the same
I was trying to save you, from you, I must have been insane

I’m the mirror you shattered with your warped reflection
You play the blame game but the deceit, the deception
Was all yours, drama of your own making – raging, not caring
Due to inability – twisting, distorting, lying, stonewalling, never admitting

You have no empathy – but oh, the mastery of perfidy, the cruelty
The gaping hole at your centre – sheer and utter lunacy
Is not anything I ever want to deal with, ever again
There’s no more pain, yet I bear the scars and the stains

We are the makers of our own destiny – fuck the stars
It’s down to us, not the Cosmos or the God Mars
I grabbed happiness by its slippery tail
Fought it, won it – end of this pitiful tale

Painting: “Echo and Narcissus” by John William Waterhouse

20 thoughts on “Warped

  1. Thank you so much for stop by my Blog and for the follow! I love to interact with unique people as I love to create unique and one of a kind creations. I follow you now! I like your blog it is very interesting please stop by anyrime and leave me a line 🙂

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  2. Your words really moved me because it all sounds so familiar… You are so right: the narcissists do erode our entire world and everything we thought we knew…we are the ones being dedicated and get nothing in return. I also love the end of your poem, where you say that we are the makers of our own destiny and then end on a hopeful note by saying that you “grapped happiness by its slippery tail”…wonderful and inspiring post. Your words are always speaking directly to my heart because I can relate to them and they are so powerful. Thank you and keep up the good work!

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    1. Thank you so much, I knew you would identify. There *is* light at the end of the tunnel, you go through hell and you keep walking until you get to the other side – and on the other side is a “kickass brand new you” that will never ever put up with any damaged people ever again 🙂 ❤

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      1. 😀 You are apparently not only able to express feelings through beautiful words…but you are also in possession of psychic powers. You are a multi-talent 😉

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