Playing God


Sometimes a writer decides
To reach inside your chest
And try to pull out your heart
Stop it, dammit! It ain’t a spare part

Emotions stirred, shaken, blasted
I think of everything I invested
In the writer’s tale and characters
One play God with mere letters

The sole act of writing
Such an obscenely powerful thing
Writers simply handed blank cheques
Readers reduced to quivering wrecks

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41 thoughts on “Playing God

    1. When I read the last book I got to *that* bit at the end and I was absolutely distraught, so I expected it in last night’s episode but it still was really upsetting. Nevertheless, when I got over it after reading the book and started thinking about it, I decided that we do not know *for sure* whether Jon is dead or not. In the book, it says that “everything fades to black” and that’s from Jon’s perspective but that doesn’t necessarily mean death, does it? I know he’s been stabbed multiple times but he might yet be saved, especially as I still cling on to my idea that he is the rightful heir to the Iron Throne. I’m not going to get into theories here but I still have hope πŸ™‚

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      1. Well, in a nutshell, I have this theory (me and many others) that Jon is actually the nephew of our one and only khaleesi, therefore he is the rightful heir to the iron Throne. So his death would make no sense at all, *if* that theory proves to be right of course. There is resurrection performed by followers of the Lord of Light in the books and Melisandre (the red lady) might be versed in such skills – hence she could bring Jon back to life. We shall see…


      2. Snow as true heir! That’d be an awesome twist! Although, him dying means that there’re more secrets to be revealed…I’m torn! Lol. So far, no deaths have surprise me.

        It’s a great story though. Writers, in their own imaginary worlds, are gods. πŸ˜‰

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    1. I just can’t believe he did: I have long held the theory that he is the rightful heir to the Iron Throne, so his death wouldn’t make any sense. I just *really* hope that I’m thinking along the same line as George R.R. Martin πŸ˜‰

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    1. Have you read the books? Because if you have it was expected. I knew it was coming but it didn’t make it any easier, I watched it and howled like a mother wolf who’s just lost her cubs, haha
      I have said this repeatedly today but I don’t believe it’s the end of him as I think he’s the heir to the throne so he’s got to be saved. Melisandre did come back just in time after realising that Stannis wasn’t the saviour of the 7 kingdoms after all…

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      1. Yes, I am current in the books. That’s my theory as well…all the chess pieces are totally in place; however, Kit and the producers maintain that dead is dead and Kit is done. They even bluntly said he “won’t be back next season.” I hope is all diversion tactics.

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      2. What scared me is that Kit kept saying that he wasn’t allowed to cut his hair because of GoT and said he would only do so once he was out of the show…then he turned up with the haircut a few months back and I was like: “nooooo”!
        He might not be back next season, as in, Kit might not be back but Jon might be back in a different form? There’s still Ghost, and the Starks have the ability to go into animals, don’t they? There is a name for that but I forget what the exact term is…

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      3. I thought only Bran was a worg, but I did read that theory as well. And I did notice the hair cut. Jon Snow as a CGI Direwolf is no Jon Snow. I reaaalllly hope thats not the plan. Melisandre gave him that look earlier on…now she’s back at the wall. Plus, they did some set up as to who Jon’s parents were this season. I think they’re just acting coy. I hope that’s the case and he’s back…even without the hair.

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    1. Same! I thought they were waiting to do the Stoneheart bit because of Jon, I really want that to be true. I thought Jon being a worg and using Ghost would be a temporary measure and that he would be back as Jon later on.
      But yeah, I guess we’ll find out soon enough, the next book is supposed to be out before the end of the year so that will tell us whether we’re right or wrong. I really hope that book isn’t delayed again because I can’t wait an entire year to find out what happens :-/

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  1. I was waiting for this! I am an avid GoT follower and presently re-reading ASOIF. A writer with a pen weilds the most powerful weapon ever. But I trust GRRM. He won’t just kill him off – bad story telling! Waiting for WoW now

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    1. It would make no sense, would it? Jon is the only one who shows real kindness and leadership skills. he has the makings of a fair and just ruler. He’s also the only one, with Stannis, who realises the real threat is the White Walkers. Nobody else vying for power seems to be aware of that, or take it seriously.
      Jon is probably the only genuinely likeable character left, with Tyrion actually, who’s also got leadership skills. Anyway, I digress. Waiting for Winds of Winter with bated breath, will it EVER materialise?


      1. Well… I like Arya as well. And I am hoping for some good action on Bran’s side. People have forgotten he is now arguably one of the most powerful guys with the Bloodraven with him

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      2. I like Arya too but she is on a bit of a psychotic journey…which is hardly surprising considering what she’s been through.
        As for Bran, I can’t wait to see what happens with him because you are right, he’s in a very powerful position right now – if I had to guess I would say that he might prove to be a decisive figure in the fight against the White Walkers…


  2. so true – its amazing how some of the most memorable people in our lives are nothing more than a figment of someone elses’ imagination. How dull life would be without books and the writers who create these alternate worlds for us to live within.. Get up Jon Snow – you’ve got a dragon to ride! :p

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    1. I want to be able to like this comment multiple times! I feel exactly the way you do… as for Jon Snow, he’d better get up and ride that dragon at some point – I’ve been talking about him and “the dragon” for over two years πŸ˜‰

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      1. I know!! Like many others, I want to have a stern talk with George R.R.Martin and tell him to hurry the hell up! I really don’t like the idea of ‘watching’ what happens next rather than reading it first. But you’re right, that’s probably what’s going to happen…

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  3. Love this poem. Much as we might complain as readers/viewers about the emotional push and pull, that’s exactly why we keep tuning in/turning the pages… and to wield that power as a writer is the true attraction of writing, for me!

    And we’ll see what happens with Jon… πŸ™‚

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