There he was, promising her the world, meaning every word, only she didn’t want the world – what she desired was a safe harbour.

She didn’t have the heart to quell his ardour, just wished for a little less fervour. As things were, he made her want to scarper – silently in the night, like a common burglar.

At times, loving him was such a tall order! His love burnt bright red, hers barely ocher. This unbalance put them both at risk of an anxiety disorder – the relationship felt like a high-risk game of poker.

This intensity she couldn’t match made her feel like an ogre. To stay or go: either way, a disaster – the truth was, her options were, at best, mediocre.
To break this unfortunate impasse, she desperately needed a four-leaf clover.


Image credit: imgbuddy.com and blogs.theprovince.com


22 thoughts on “Unequal

  1. Are you really French? nice choice of words. But love is never equal, one person loves more than the other and that leaves some guilt in the heart of he who loves less. “he” there doesn’t mean men only though…lol

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    1. Yes, I am *really* French – je suis indéniablement Française 😉
      And yes, you are right: love is never equal but sometimes the unbalance between two lovers is just *too* great.
      Thanks for your visit 🙂


  2. Suggestion. Keep an Ace up your sleeve just in case you know it’s worth using. Yes, it’s cheating, but love is worth the winning
    Also, thanks for continuing to read me. I feel your emotions when stirred by my scribbling.
    You are very appreciated :))

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    1. You are right Jay: “love is worth the winning”.
      Thank you for the suggestion 😉
      As for the rest…
      No need to thank me, dear modest poet
      I am merely indulging my love of ravishing words
      Heartfelt emotions – indeed I find myself stirred
      time and time again…
      Your “scribbling” to me precious dew, molten gold,
      flower petals – particles of beautiful & vital for my soul
      Thank *you* Jay 🙂

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  3. To break this unfortunate impasse, she desperately needed a four-leaf clover…

    I hope she found it… The last thing we lose is Hope, I think!…

    Great post dear N!…. All my best wishes Aquileana 😀

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  4. Beautiful poetry with amazing rhyme! The poem had me at the first line itself. ‘Only she didn’t want the world – What she desired was a safe harbor’. The imagery of inequality of expectations in love is perfectly painted by your poignant words. 🙂

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