The stepford wives who cast no shadow
Perfectly manicured lawns
Picture perfect children
Picket fences
Platitudes fluently worded

Look down on trailer trash

The Crystals with their bad dye jobs
Munching chewing-gum
Messy yards
Mucky kids
Mighty land of twinkies

Right or wrong side of town
Same people, same desires, frustration, same shit going down
Same tortured souls, weaknesses, frailties, same sins
Same miasma of despair and unspeakable things
A fresh lick of paint only covers up so much
A thin veneer so easily scratched away to reveal the core of human nature
Right or wrong side of town, the thing is:
there’s only the goddam human race – being what it is.

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27 thoughts on “Same

      1. I was really apprehensive about Season 2, I finally decided to give it a go today…I watched one episode and was predictably disappointed. Season 1 *is* a hard act to follow tough, Woody Harrelson and Matthew McC were SO good!
        I haven’t seen Mud yet, but if you’re recommending it, I’m going to make time for it next week 🙂

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      2. Oh, I HIGHLY recommend it. It’s a modern retelling of Huckleberry Finn, and Matthew McC ROCKS in it. It’s one of my favorite films of the last 5 years or so. Extremely well written, acted, and directed. And I agree. A second season of True Detective would be almost impossible to match that first one. Oh, I have X-Men: Days of Future Past, The Rogue Cut coming soon. Can’t wait, as I loved the first cut and LOVE Anna Paquin, so her addition to this new cut only makes me giddy with lustful joy. BTW, I LOVE True Blood. Not only is Anna Paquin naked in it a lot, it’s a great show. 🙂 $Amen$

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      3. I’ll watch it this week then, and will let you know what I thought when I’ve seen it.
        I’ve never watched True Blood, I missed the start of it and by the time I was ready to catch up (seasons later) I heard that it had gone off the rails a bit…
        I’m not especially a fan of Anna Paquin either, you randy dog! Haha


  1. Heroes and zeroes all bleed the same. Reading through your other comments…don’t give up on season 2 of True Detective yet…it gets weirder. The story is told differently than it was in the first season. The actors sure are not Matt and Woody though…

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