The void

The make up isn’t enough to hide the lies
The truth is squirming in your eyes
Lips moving – you are speaking – but saying nothing
Of any importance, of any relevance

Hypocrisy, shallowness
Everything on the surface
So many different facets
Displaying vast swathes of nothingness – great expanses of emptiness

17 thoughts on “The void

    1. Ohh, also I saw Mud last night…you were right, it’s a great movie! Thank you for leading me to it or I might not have seen it for ages. My brother told me today that I must see Dallas Buyers Club next, have you seen that?


  1. That’s razor sharp, this is a wonderfully visceral piece, I think I know a few women like this, which is why I am usually found hiding in a book instead of making eye contact.

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  2. Nathalie, let me just say this took my breath away, actually it knocked the wind out of me. Your words here are so powerful, so raw. Excellent capture of this feeling of emptiness, beautifully written!

    Take good care,

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