Folder X

I am folder X on your computer
Relationships of old involved no files
What happens next? I have no idea
I perversely gave you what was mine
There weren’t any copyrights
In your mind, it’s finders keepers
Only, I really don’t think that you see
I’m so much more than this fantasy –
Than the flat images and videos in colour –
Currently clogging up your computer


25 thoughts on “Folder X

    1. Haha…yeah, but although I know the exact location of said hard drive, I don’t actually have access to it (someone is very protective of Folder X and won’t give it up even when asked repeatedly or nicely) so there’s not much I can do…and to think I’ve got better than the Thames as I live right in front of the majestic Channel…the sea is even better than a river…but I’ve got nothing to toss in it! Oh well!

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  1. Nathalie, this is an excellent write! I like the use of the metaphor β€œfolder X”, very familiar. Your writing is always captivating and finds its way into the recesses of my mind along with my heart. I absolutely love your written voice, your style of presentation, very finely tuned, and always a pleasure to read.

    Warm wishes,

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