Your Words


Inciting willfully, your words – sweet rose petals,
Impacting on my mind, an unstoppable flow
In the dark shifting shadows, words, petals glow
Peppering the night with soft lights
Pale yellow able to ignite
Porcelain skin, as marble set alight
Suprasternal notch worshiped delicately
Supreme rhythm of words and touch, unbearable intensity
Surrendering, mouth forms a perfect O, in synchronicity

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39 thoughts on “Your Words

    1. Thank you Matt! Tingly is good! This was written in response to someone telling me not long ago that “sex is sex” and that an orgasm is not in any way, shape or form *better* if the person giving it to you reads and is generally smart, that the fact somebody can play with words makes no difference…I begged to differ as my own experience (laid out here for the world to read about) tells me that person is wrong. Very wrong.
      And that comment is waaaay too long and should have been added at the end of the poem really ๐Ÿ˜›

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      1. hahaha!! That’s what I like about you; you make sure the reader understands! And I disagree with whoever said that to you has well. There are levels to orgasms…and women have way more levels than men!!

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    2. I found out about Suprasternal notch when watching “The English patient”. I was really tickled to find out that’s what it’s called because it’s a definitive fav in the body part list…if I did have a list ๐Ÿ˜‰

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