12 thoughts on “Spikes and Leather

  1. Hi Nathalie, I’m going to borrow a description from one of your prior posts – tingly. A sultry way to juxtapose the hard and edgy from the soft and precious. I’ll stop blathering now. 😀


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    1. Well, Matt… “you better shape up” because I’m Nat and solely Nat, not Sandra D! 😛 LOL
      Also, you haven’t said anything about the words, not my finest I admit, but…I quite like “pinprick of light in the dark fabric of life” (which Pepper mentioned, pleasing me no end)…yay? nay? 😉

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      1. Oh wow…think me not shallow please. I was just finishing lunch and my boss opened my office door up. I tabbed screens quickly and when I tabbed back I just hit send and closed the window. I feel like a shallow jerk now… That line is deep…totally my taste! I do love the entire piece and how you perfectly describe that no matter how rough around the edges things/people are or appear, the shell could be hiding something FAR greater.


      2. Matt, I was kidding! Winding you up! I know perfectly well that you’re anything but shallow and anything but a jerk, in fact I think you’re an amazing guy as well as a fantastic writer 🙂
        Oh man, I should have written a big fat warning at the top of my comment: “I’m comfortable enough with you to write a teasing, funny response” 🙂

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      3. Still…my initial comment did not appropriately encapsulate my thoughts. So for that I apologize. YOU are an amazing writer and an amazing gal! No s’cuse me while I go write a “method” poem (¬_¬)….lol

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  2. Nathalie, your words and your image hold hands so perfectly! I love the brevity of this poem, however, I will mention that in no way is it short on thought, bravo! I really like what’s said, what’s left unsaid, and how it’s bravely implied. I mean really who can’t read this, think about what is shared here, and then not take it a step further, and a have a good hard look at themselves. Wonderful imagery, I especially like the following, “pinprick of light/in the dark fabric of life”. As always a pleasure to enjoy your posts, and think about your words long after they have been read! Please enjoy the rest of your day!

    Take care,

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    1. Pepperanne, your comments always make my day! I also LOVE that you picked out my favourite line! Coming from such a wonderful writer as yourself, your words can’t help but give me a high.
      Thank you very much for reading and sharing your thoughts (and giving me that high lol)
      I hope the rest of your day is also beautiful and inspiring.
      Warm wishes – Nathalie

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