Pride (or the Madonna effect)

imageSo, yesterday was the annual Pride celebration in my wonderful city. I wish I had beautiful words full of wisdom to write about it, but the truth is that I’ve been too busy trying to recover to come up with anything…except: a fantastic time was had by all and out of all the pics that have surfaced so far, only one taken early on in the evening is actually decent, albeit grainy. It turns out that last night I developed a totally new ability, out of nowhere, to channel Miley Cyrus while in full tongue-flashing mode – the shame! My friend Sam can totally pull it off but suffice to say that I simply cannot. 

This single phone pic is of Sam and I, waiting at the bar for our Vodka and cokes. We’d just thrown the most amazing moves (trust me, they were amazing) on Madonna’s Vogue (such a classic).
From Vogue on, it was a totally awesome night when straight, gay, bi, etc…all celebrated together. I love that it’s now completely normal for us straight people to join in with the Pride celebrations. Thinking about it, Sam was the only one of my gay friends to do Pride this year, a few said they were suffering from “Pride fatigue” and a couple others just don’t “do” Pride because they don’t see the point – they feel that the “gay fight” has been more or less won and that Pride is kind of redundant now.

Still, the rest of the gay population in the city had no such qualms apparently and turned out ‘en masse’, but I can safely say that there seemed to be almost as many straight people as they were gay ones revelling in the merry festivities last night. I think that’s the secret to people getting on and accepting each other for who they are: get them all in one place with Madonna & the Scissor Sisters blasting from the speakers and add a copious amount of alcohol…how could it possibly fail? And that, folks, is my words of wisdom for today (lol)

21 thoughts on “Pride (or the Madonna effect)

  1. Channeling the inner-Miley huh?? Sounds like you had a great time. My male friend and I stumbled upon one of these before years back. Everyone thought we were a couple…so we just went with it lol. It was a fun time.

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    1. I had an amazing time Matt, dreading some of the pics still lurking somewhere on various people’s phones though 😛
      I had a somewhat similar experience last night, I gave a cigarette to some random girl who was gasping for one and she was so grateful (and drunk) that she kept (lovingly) licking my face at intervals during the night, hence an unavoidable assumption from passers-by haha

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  2. I’m glad to see that you had fun at the pride celebration. Gay Liberation always about everyone…not just people who identified as GLBT. I’m always delighted to see the rainbow of colors and sexualities that show up at pride and I know that in 20 years same sex sexuality will cease to be a source of shame for people. I disagree with your gay friends about the fight being over. I think the fight will be over when we free people from class oppression…but it’s good that we’ve come this far.

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    1. Thank you! I do feel that the fact people from all backgrounds go to Pride is very encouraging, it shows that we’ve come a long way and that being gay (or bi or whatever else) is pretty much standard these days. I’m not kidding myself and I’m aware that there’s always going to be racism and homophobia, no matter how much educating we do. But I think we are in a place now where the best thing to do is just treat it all as “normal” because basically, that’s what being gay is:normal… so let’s all get on with it, and my theory is that this attitude is going to do more for absolute acceptance than flag waving and manifestations (all of which was necessary at some point in the past, I get that)
      All my gay friends (apart from one who likes the drama, lol) feel the same way, they don’t want to be seen as “victims” or “causes” because that’s not what they feel like: they feel like everyone else – just trying to get on with their lives and trying to be happy.
      Sorry for this loooong comment, lol, but I feel quite strongly about this issue as I think there are still *some people* out there who enjoy being *militants* even if their fight is kind of redundant…and those same people are quite happy to think “their” fight is more important than the hundreds of other worthy fights out there.
      If you ever have a spare 5 minutes, you’re very welcome to read this – it was written end of 2013 but I believe it’s still relevant:
      The journalist Milo Yiannopoulos (mentioned in this piece) tweeted a link to it at the time, bringing me hundred of views from outside WordPress 🙂

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      1. Thanks, I just commented on your older post. I absolutely agree. The fight goes on in Uganda and Russia, not here. I’m happy to put the flags aside and come out of the gay ghetto and into the new normal world.
        Ten years ago I left the city of Brighton because I was living a 100% ‘gay’ life and had enough of it. I moved to Bath where I met the man who became my partner in a regular street cafe when we began chatting over his dogs. The integration of diversity into ‘normal’ has been well under way even then in Rugby City.
        We’ve got bigger fish to fry now. Next!

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      2. Thank you for taking the time to read that older post, and thank you for giving me your opinion which is in line with what I have heard time and time again from various people in the gay community. So you used to live in Brighton, I guess it is “the” place to be for a young gay crowd but I totally understand that people might want to move on to pasture new after an intensive few years of what you call a 100% gay life 🙂
        I actually love your story of meeting your partner in a regular street cafe and bonding over his dogs, how refreshingly normal, just like any other couple really, which is just as it should be 🙂
        As you say, people in Uganda and Russia are not as lucky, and over there the fight should definitely go on because it’s necessary.
        Thank you so much, yet again, for taking the time to chat, however briefly, with me – I really appreciate it 🙂

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