Lips coated a dark red, my thoughts turn to my Mister Gray…not Christian silly, but Dorian, obviously!
Different spelling to start with, and some might say chalk and cheese – one is a controlling petulant child, the other a perverted hedonist at best and a heinous monster at worst.

But this woman hankers after depravity, soul corrupting activities – high society or opium dens, ultimately sin needs to be witty – clever repartees and mundane subjects debated in all seriousness is only the beginning of it.

Sin also has to originate in the right setting for a woman of aesthetic delicacy: Jade figurines, heady scents emanating from opulent gardens, gigantic purple orchids, languishing cigarette smoke tarnishing ancient tapestries and long-fringed silk Persian rugs, old brocades, delicate and intricate French lace…the list is endless.

The luminous face that never ages, purity etched on it ever so gracefully while far away from prying eyes a portrait sustains every line, every selfish deed, sweat, tears and fears, every drop of blood spilled in the pursuit of immediate gratification and the never-ending search for new emotions.

The only consideration: the Self.

Dear Dorian, you were the first to teach me there is no-one more cold, nobody more evil and yet seductive, than a true narcissist.

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17 thoughts on “Dorian

  1. i knew a woman once
    fair of face and lithe of limb
    and her command of active filter circuits was second only to mine

    she was like a scollop shell – beautiful and hard
    but when i saw her edge-on
    i could see the black hole in her
    sucking all color from her world
    and she was the meat
    that was attached on one end to the shell
    and the other end disappeared into her event horizon

    she was wire taunt

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  2. Well written and well said! ! I just recently discovered Dorian Grey and I still have not read the full story. Truth be told, I was introduced to him on Penny Dreadful, but I know he is a creation of Oscar Wilde. I’ll get to it eventually!

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      1. Thank you, my mind is made up and I’m going to start on season 1…I’m trusting your judgement here! 😛
        As for you, finish reading The Picture of Dorian Gray one of these days, it *is* a classic 😉


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