37 thoughts on “Anguish

      1. Nights are for authentic & passionate breathing and burning, tempests, feeling alive…days are for gentle breezes and floating peacefully in the safest of happy bays…yes, best possible outcome 😉 x

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      2. I’m glad you agree! I’ve always enjoyed night more. It’s when I tend to do most of my writing, then publish it during the day. Summer afternoons can be nice though. Walking in the countryside whilst listening to music, trying hard to create images to write about later x

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  1. Nathalie I love this honey, it’s so very true, we get caught up in our own issues and then are smacked with the reality of true suffering.
    Wonderfully insightful. Xx Paris

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  2. Nathalie, I think your words have captured the feelings of true despair brilliantly! The painting, “Anguish” has always stopped me in my tracks, it’s almost hard to look at, so beautiful and so intensely sad at the same time. Superb poem, one that has touched me deeply.

    Always the warmest wishes,


    1. I agree Pepperanne, it’s a beautiful, haunting painting, and it is indeed so poignant that it makes it difficult to look at. My words were nothing, just the expression of what this painting has always made me feel every time I’ve looked at it.
      Thank you so much for your kind words.
      Very warm wishes as always – Nathalie

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      1. You’re very welcome! And I think you have good reasons to be pleased with it. I was very pleased reading it, and I look forward to reading more of your poetry 🙂

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