In Memoriam

It was the softest
of gentle breezes
yet the
flickering candle
quietly sputtered out.
A weak struggling flame
gave out
without any fanfare
and the day grew dark
and heavy as my heart

In memory of my dear grandmother who passed away earlier today – may she rest in peace.


76 thoughts on “In Memoriam

  1. So sorry for your loss Purple! May the Good Lord give you and all of yours, the fortitude to bear this irreparable loss and may the memories y’all made with her; live on your hearts, warming and offering you the much-needed solace to get past and wade through this trying time IJN; Amen! 😇

    A more than worthy eulogy and homage, too beautiful for mere words! Be consoled Sweets! ❤

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  2. My condolences. What a lovely tribute you wrote for her. I bet she stood right behind you when you wrote it, smiling and being so proud of her granddaughter.
    I’m sending lots of strength your way!
    Best wishes.

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