Pretty vacant


She was, like,
yeah, I literally

So, wait,
I’m speaking to
a corpse?

she looked
at me
with vacant eyes

not getting
at all

yeah, she might
as well
be dead

total lack
of any kind
of depth

how can one
actually be
so vapid

with a vocabulary

seriously, I really
don’t give
a fuck

I’m never
going back to

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24 thoughts on “Pretty vacant

      1. Oh, I’m sorry! It’s really awful, and the next day you get on with whatever you have to do and you feel like you’re stuffed with cotton wool or something – my commiserations my friend

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    1. Pepperanne, you are far too kind! Thank you though, I’m hoping people ‘get’ that it’s meant to be humorous, I’m not 100% sure that came across lol
      I’m looking forward to “visiting” you later, when I get a break, and find out what you’ve been up to. I’m not lying when I say I’m *really* properly looking forward to it πŸ™‚
      Very warm wishes – Nathalie

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