Little bird


It was past 11pm
the boy just appeared
suddenly in front of me

“You got a cigarette?”
he looked about ten
definitely no older than twelve

“No, you shouldn’t be smoking
it’s a filthy habit
your mum knows where you are?”

silence – eyes alert but
he looked underfed
“have you even eaten?”

He shrugged
like it didn’t matter
one way or the other

so I walked with him
round the corner
bought him some dinner

Fish and chips
the only place open
at this late hour

He ate indifferently
not looking at me
until he was finished

“Thanks lady
your eyes are pretty”
getting ready to bolt though

“You’re going home now, right?
you should not be outside
this time of night”

“sure” he said vaguely
“yeah, probably”
while shivering slightly

The air was cold and damp
just a thin t-shirt on this tiny scamp
who vanished in the darkness

without a backward glance
or another word
pretending to be a tough little bird

The encounter left me feeling sad
and angry
furious actually

at some of the people
who really shouldn’t be called

since they seemingly
don’t understand, refuse to honour
the actual meaning of the word

Parent: a word
that needs to be
earned and deserved

to claim the ‘p word’ requires
a hell of a lot more
than a quick fumble resulting in birth

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25 thoughts on “Little bird

  1. So beautiful. I could picture it all happening. Some people should not have the gall to use the “p” word. You poured a good bit of your heart into this one. If I could give you a flower to thank you for sharing this, I would. Here is a virtual one 🌹 xxxxxx

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  2. I’m forever gobsmacked by the “hoops” one has to jump through to adopt even a shelter pet (and rightly so) or the restrictions on adoption, while any homo sapiens can procreate without more than having the requisite body parts… And they, their parents and Society all think that’s just fine because it’s their “right”.

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  3. This depicts such a strong situation and is written in such simple words and straightforward-ness. Loved it from the start till the end ❀

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  4. It is heartbreaking to witness, experience and know. I thank you for the kindnesses you extend to others in need and your commitment to shine the light of awareness with your compassionate spirit behind your powerful words. Many blessings to you, XO MW

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    1. You are being too kind, I have no real merit as I just can’t bear people suffering, or being neglected…anyone in pain or lonely…I’m sure you know what I mean πŸ™‚
      Very warm wishes to you ❀

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  5. Nathalie, again you have managed to turn a topic on its head. Bravo! Your poem screams of the deterioration of the family unit, the lack of pride in being a parent, and the inability to protect and cherish something as precious as a child. Excellent capture of reality, I can see your poem unfolding before me. Your talent is evident in your presentation, including your commentary at the end, which is brief and directly to the point. As always marvelous writing!

    Wishing you the very best,

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    1. Thank you Pepperanne for this wonderful comment. I don’t think there’s anything that angers me as much as the neglect of children, this subject is very close to my heart for various reasons. This was just a simple write-up of a very real situation – an incredibly sad situation.Thank you again Pepperanne for your visit and kind words, I’m truly honoured πŸ™‚
      Warmest wishes as always – Nathalie

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