What could have been


Standing among the ruins of the past that was,
spying faint sparkles scattered here and there
fragments of once scintillating fiery stars —
the remains of the past that could have been
in an alternative reality — those jewels now mere trinkets
their particular sight giving rise to nothing
but the unmistakable bitter taste of regret
one of the more corrosive emotions the heart can ever know

Image credit: Jaymes Young – Fragments

29 thoughts on “What could have been

  1. “Corrosive emotions”. I love the word “corrosive” because emotions can be that way, especially regret. I can’t tell you how many times I look back and regret how I treated a person or permitted a person to treat me wrongly. Sometimes the key os not only forgiving others but forgiving yourself. The latter is the hardest for me to do. Lovely poem, my friend 😘😘😘😘😘

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    1. Regrets and jealousy are very corrosive emotions I think…I believe they’re the two main ones with that devastating effect. Forgiving yourself is indeed so hard, but ultimately it’s something you *must* do otherwise it does eat away at you.
      Thank you Natascha for your thoughts and kind words, as usual 😉

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