Her body ached for his touch
longed for the sensual pleasures
implied in his words —
yet her head couldn’t help but analyse
always appraising,
weighing up the risks,
conjuring up
dire consequences
should she give in
to feelings and lust
rendered ferocious
 probably even vicious
by the waiting
and lack of trust

So in this dreadful way
she agonised
over what to do
while the desire
raged inside her,
the caged beast clawed
and scratched to get out
this particular beast had teeth
it would bite on its release…
maybe some things
should never
be unleashed
her mind whispered

Her head and her heart –
forever torn between the two
Pray give this girl a stiff drink
and tell her to please chill out

Image Credit: karadjinovicmarko.deviantart.com

59 thoughts on “Wild

  1. I love this one Purple, showcasing the glaring and disparaging disconnect, between the head and the heart, in a battle of will for supremacy! Well then to this gurl I quip…’Follow your heart Sweetkinz, but in doing so; take your head and brain with you! In the afterglow of having unleashed that beast and having satisfied this longing and yearning, will you feel far better off or worst off?! Think ’bout it before taking the plunge, I meant to say…..’Chillax’! 😄😉

    Beautifully conceived…..resonates too! Kudos! 😇😊

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  2. Well, I don’t really think it is a battle between the heart and mind as someone above said 🙂
    It is the cunning beast and the hapless victim, I suppose. I know this is open to interpretation, but it could as well be a battle between sexes.. the lover oozing charm, using patently false words to lure the victim and the only survivor is the intended victim who chooses to look past the fake and the cunning appeals.
    🙂 Not being contrary, just what I thought when I read it..

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    1. Wow, you’ve certainly read this and ran away with your own thoughts 😉
      It is undeniable that no matter what one’s intentions are when writing, the reader is going to interpret one’s words any which way they like…which is exactly what you’ve done and it’s perfectly fine but, let me tell you that your interpretation is not what I was going for at all 😉
      Thank you for reading and for a very interesting comment 🙂

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      1. 😀 was just playing the Devil’s advocate, contrary to my assertion above 😀
        Don’t worry, did not interpret it incorrectly or in any other way. I knew exactly what you meant, just being the gadfly… I sincerely hope I didn’t irritate you too much….

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    1. Her heart says your advice is all too sane and rational, “too scientific” even and the heart cannot be bothered with that…but her head knows that you are making complete sense and that you are, of course, absolutely right 🙂

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      1. the heart is far too Tocka

        Tocka (Russian): great spiritual anguish, often without any specific cause; ache of soul, a longing with nothing to long for.
        Tocka is the center-point of every 2-dollar paperback novel you find in the “beach book” section of a convenience store. By which I mean, it is the feeling of missing something or someone that you never had in the first place (and later finding a man or woman or cat that fills that void).

        the heart is too Yugen
        Yūgen (幽玄?) is an important concept in traditional Japanese aesthetics. The exact translation of the word depends on the context. In the Chinese philosophical texts the term was taken from, yūgen meant “dim”, “deep” or “mysterious”. In the criticism of Japanese waka poetry, it was used to describe the subtle profundity of things that are only vaguely suggested by the poems, and was also the name of a style of poetry (one of the ten orthodox styles delineated by Fujiwara no Teika in his treatises).

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      2. I’m suddenly feeling terribly uneducated! Thank you for all this info, you’re certainly filling some of the gaps in my general knowledge (which until just now I thought was perfectly adequate *laughs*)


    1. The haunted have all been there 😉
      Btw, Dara mentioned your name during your absence…she was replying to a comment of mine under a post…can’t remember which one now…but it was something about personality types: she’s INFJ like me and she said you were also an idealist but not the same type as us…got me intrigued enough that I almost text you to ask 😉

      Liked by 1 person

      1. INFP…that makes sense actually!
        And I’m sure Matt will be fine about you “tattling” haha… I wouldn’t have mentioned any of this on a public platform if I thought he would mind, as I’m sure you’ve guessed 🙂
        I’ve talked to a few people who feel, like Matt, that they don’t exactly fit the profile they’ve ended up with…it’s funny because as far as I’m concerned, I’m an INFJ textbook case

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      2. Funny, a lot of INFPs say they’re not sure but INFJs feel exact. I think I mentioned Matt in your post because I feel a connection with both of your writings, even though our styles are different. My husband is an INFP and he always feels a little on the fringe too.

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      3. Yes, I can see where you’re coming from because Matt and I do have a lot in common…being lost and in dark places trying to claw our way out…obviously I’m not going to get into it but we have had very similar experiences in life and as you can imagine it’s influenced our writing…that’s why it was so easy to write with him when we collaborated on the “Scar” even though I’m not someone who can easily write with other people…our styles are somewhat similar…it was Matt who first called me “his evil twin from across the pond” lol

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  3. I know I’ve said it before that I really struggle to ‘get’ poetry. Sometimes it means something to me, often it doesn’t. Today I laughed out loud at the ending. Ok – I actually snorted.
    Intense , intense, intense build up … then …. get over yourself, girl! 😀
    I really hope you intended that to be funny!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha yeah, wasn’t that obvious? I almost tagged it with “humour” but then decided against it…looks like I should have Lol
      To be fair, I decided against the tag because it’s a serious tale after all, only I believe you should laugh at things, even dramatic things, you know? So the ending was definitely purposefully funny 😉

      Liked by 1 person

    1. What an amazing thing to hear, that somebody would want to read it *again*…wow, that’s the best compliment ever. Thank you, I’m really pleased you enjoyed it, it’s the one piece of writing I’ve done in the last few days that I’m actually happy with – it’s very personal but that’s usually my best writing 🙂

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