Random Mood


A few things I saw on Twitter today, I’m in that kind of mood…




But Monsanto doesn’t care about that, it’s got the government(s) on its side…


This applies to all religions as far as I’m concerned, no need to stop at the Catholics…

13 thoughts on “Random Mood

  1. Great stuff! The article about Twitter opening its doors to more minorities sparked me to write my poem, “Equality Is?” because it put me in the mindset of, “Oh, thank you, Oh gracious master for allowing all of us peons to now be so stressed out like you. Thank you.” LOL! No thanks. This is so true. I especially love the one about religion. Well, I like all of them!

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  2. I used to try and keep my mouth shut around people “of faith”, but as the years go on, and they make bigger and bigger ass-hats of themselves, my composure is beginning to crack.

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