I open the door, the wind comes in. I welcome it, of course, since I was the one who invited it, but without so much as answering my greeting, it rushes in and starts sweeping everything in its path.
It shows no regards for any feelings or misgivings I might have, all this roaring and blowing fiercely…it’s quite impressive but also kind of scary.

I watch it open-mouthed… blustering around, sweeping away everything… mainly things that are no longer relevant…still, I cannot help but feel reluctant…sure I wanted clean and new and fresh…but, dear wind, do you have to be quite so thorough? Of everything do I have to let go?

“Yes” it says, intransigent.This abrupt manner I don’t like very much, in fact it could easily put my back up.

“You need to get rid of it all, that’s the reason I’m here after all: because you could not do it yourself, even though you have to start afresh β€” so I’d rather like to get on with it if you don’t mind, there’s another four lives I must sort out by tonight. You’re not the only one in need of my help, there’s quite a few of you…and each as useless as the next.”

That was me told! I knew it was pointless to argue as the wind was right through and through β€” so I curled up in a ball, made myself very small, refusing to look anymore.
Drastic measures might have been needed, but it didn’t mean I had to like it, or see any of it.
With my eyes close I heard the hustling and bustling of a very busy wind sweeping out the old to make room for the new.

Now it was out of my control, let everything unfold the way it needed to.

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23 thoughts on “Wind

  1. The wind, an absolute force of nature; when it whirls in, who can stop from progressing?! That’s an exercise in futility if you ask me! Why worry ’bout what we have zero control over and or couldn’t possibly change other than to change ourselves and adapt?! Moreso, the wind did come in at your bidding and invitation didn’t it?! πŸ˜‰

    Love the concept….surreal and yet realistic, how we tend to be unaccepting of even the slightest change! Kudos Purple, this totally grabs! πŸ‘‰

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    1. Thank you very much! I am not a windsurfer – you’ve got my total admiration for having that ability…so very cool as well πŸ™‚ – but I think of the wind as both friend and foe too…if you knew of the british weather you would understand πŸ˜‰
      Thanks again and happy surfing πŸ™‚

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  2. Cloaked in Silken Wind

    The silken wind surges round me
    Wrapping its fine velvet arms around me
    Whispering strange fragmented tales
    In foreign
    ancient tongues
    Of things and places far beyond
    this room with no ceiling

    And yet this silken stranger
    does not wish to linger
    Stretching . . .
    reaching beyond me . . .
    Running away
    to Dance with a distant sapphire Sea
    A piece snags
    on the back of the door

    I wrap myself in the fragment
    of the silken wind
    Lost in one thought
    All my words are but one word
    And the word Dances away
    Dances as though in a trance
    Whipped away on the wind
    away to the sapphire Sea

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  3. Nathalie, β€œWind” this is fabulous and powerful piece! I must say, brave to invite the wind in, especially when realizing it has no regard for your feelings. I really enjoyed the pace at which you set this and the direction that you take the reader. I like that the wind took charge. β€œYou need to get rid of it all, that’s the reason I’m here after all…” So true, so painful, and so liberating. This is very original and thought provoking! After reading your work, often I find myself deep in thought, revisiting places I have not gone in years. You have the talent to tell a story, and also evoke an emotional response! I thoroughly enjoyed this, wonderful writing as always! Please enjoy your weekend.

    Warm wishes,

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    1. Thank you Pepperanne, you are far too kind… although I do think this was okay, not my best writing of the last few days, but my second best definitely. And why am I boring you with my self-critisms anyway? Lol
      Forgive me, and thank you very much for reading and your thoughts on my humble little tale – sometimes you must have somebody else take charge and take you in the direction you know you should go but are reluctant to go all the same πŸ™‚
      Have a lovely weekend and take care – Nathalie

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