(Practically) Tongue-tied


It’s all about the chase
He says it with a straight face
Utterly unsurprising revelation
Nonetheless – shock, outrage, consternation
I beseech the muses to inspire me
with witty put-downs, clever repartees
Unfortunately the muses want no part in this
can’t blame them, we’re standing on a precipice
“You don’t know jack shit,
seriously, you’re so messed up
don’t you
the fuck

Image credit: VisuallyPoetic at deviant art.com

3 thoughts on “(Practically) Tongue-tied

  1. Hahaha… you know, two decades ago I wrote a very short story (actually, a very short play of less than a page) about this.. I wrote about this hero who cringes and crawls before the lady and says that he is so broken that she is leaving him, marrying someone else.. and that it shall remain with him forever in his heart as a burning scar.. that he is prepared to bear the burden forever, his love, his broken heart and his tears forming the bridge to his past in the future etc etc.. and then the lady love says “Oh my gosh, you are so right.. I should not be marrying this fellow.. oh my god, I love you… how could I even do this to you?” and our hero stands there horror-struck.. “wha?? What? Huh?? Are you nuts?? Noooooo…” Exeunt. Stage Left… etc etc..
    Hahaha.. so suddenly remembered that now when I read this.. So what does this cretin hero do when the chase ends? Especially in such unexpected form?? Hahaha..

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