It comes down to a simple choice…


Your attempts to restrain me with the shackles of normality have come to nothing.
Look into my face and get your head around the fact I’d rather be busy living than worry needlessly about small minds and pathetic mentalities — stop wasting my time with your pitiful insecurities and quit raining on my “happy.”

*This is for the person who regularly reproaches me my lack of “normal”*

I went to see The Shawshank Redemption at the theatre last night and even though I’ve read the novel about 20 times and lost count of how many times I’ve seen the film, I felt so elated after that final scene – it’s not as if I don’t know what’s coming… yet every time it grabs me in exactly the same way. I guess it’s the triumph of hope over adversity. And staying true to who you are, no matter the circumstances or pressures put upon you. Not to mention the fact that we all have that very simple choice to make: “Get busy living or get busy dying.” Who cares about normal? I want happy.


33 thoughts on “It comes down to a simple choice…

  1. The Shawshank Redemption has the same effect on me. It’s one of those stories that is timeless and never wears out. I applaud your busy living versus pursuit of someone else’s normal.

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    1. I know, right? It’s an amazing novel that was turned into a great film (I’m usually disappointed by book adaptations), it should really be compulsory viewing for everyone as it’s so full of wisdom. Thank you for reading and your lovely words 🙂

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  2. You’d rather be busy living??? 😀 Well, then why did you waste a post to tell that inconsequential person what you felt? Just nit-picking as always 😀 .. but hey, you know what I mean… If the target is so worthless, then why even bother thinking about that person? 🙂

    And I like Stephen King too.. (Took me a long time to do so, but I do)… and thank you for the post.. 🙂

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    1. I would have thought it was obvious that person wasn’t inconsequential, or that indeed the “target” wasn’t worthless…because otherwise why would I worry about what they thought?! I did say in the post that this was written for the person who”regularly”reproaches me my lack of normal, hence it implies strongly that this is someone who is somewhat close to me…don’t you think?
      And isn’t it possible that even though this person irritates me and even angers me at times…isn’t it possible that I might like them and be close to them in spite of this? Could this person not have any redeeming qualities that make up for this particular deficiency I’m referring to in the post? Are all our friends perfect? Mine sure aren’t, are yours? Plus, I should add that as a writer, I write about everything, sometimes even about inconsequential people who have crossed my path (even though this doesn’t apply to this particular post), is that so strange?
      I hope I managed to give you a satisfactory reply to your comment but if anything should still be unclear, please don’t hesitate to ask 😉
      Thank you for reading and thank you for the usual “nit-picking”, your comments certainly aren’t ordinary! Lol

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      1. Of course, it is possible that the person who irritates you and even angers you at times could be someone close.. heck, look at me.. 😀
        I get away with my flippant comments on this blog, don’t I? 😀

        Hey, but I must tell you this.. I don’t really mean to rile you or sound contrary all the while. The truth is, I like you and I like your blog, and while I cannot be showy about it and do some “dipped in blood, cross my heart, hope to die” sort of melodramatic nonsense, I do like you. I am mostly quirky and when I am not irritating people, sometimes, a wee bit nice too 🙂 I take liberties here not because I am tempting fate, but because my instincts tell me who will take it without taking offense or who needs to be treated with kid gloves.. and in your case, I just felt so … what is the word… familiar..

        Do forgive me if you are not the sort to appreciate my numskull, quirky nonsense.. I do not mean any harm, nor do I mean to irritate you… I will not post any more comments here, I promise 🙂

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      2. Oh hey, I can assure you I was not offended at all! Not one little bit! As you said yourself, your instincts told you I would “take it” and your instincts were right 😉
        My reply was so lengthy because…er, I’m a writer so I get easily carried away…and because you had obviously misunderstood what was going on with the post so I *had* to explain…and that couldn’t be done in two sentences…plus, I’ve got the soul of a lawyer, so I have to explain till I “rest my case” lol
        In any case, my reply wasn’t lengthy because I was offended, I can promise you 🙂 Believe it or not, your comments are kind of refreshing (kind of) haha

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      3. I have said it before.. I do not misunderstand your posts.. but you seem to think so and believe that.. and as I said in my last comment, I apologize. I promised you I will not bother you anymore. I write those comments to tease you and it is probably unseemly and rather too “familiar” and I can understand your disconcert or irritation or even mild annoyance. I played the gadfly here and too bad that is misunderstood in return 🙂
        But take care.. I am not important, honestly.. and at best, I can be an irritant, not anything else. So don’t worry about anything. Take care.. and forgive me.. I will not comment here anymore and I just reply to this so that there are no Murakami unresolved endings 🙂 You certainly deserve better readers and er.. commenters? or commentators? Relax, I am not important.. came from the void and back to it 🙂 Take care.. and have a great day and wish you the best for the rest of your days 🙂


      4. I really think there was a misunderstanding at some point here, I never did think your comments were irritating, I really didn’t. There is no need at all for you to disappear into “the void” lol
        I am “relaxed” and there is no problem on my side but of course you must do as you wish 🙂
        Thank you for reading and (yes, really) for your comments so far 🙂


  3. “I tried being normal once. Worst 10 minutes of my life!”
    I’ve always walked that line and have also been reproached for my refusal to accept outdated or overly confining definitions of what I should be.
    I’m busy living.
    The world can come along for the ride or stay on the “What will that be like when you’re 80?” treadmill.

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  4. Nathalie, thank goodness for the “lack of normal”, otherwise everything would be SO boring! For myself, normal is a frame of mind that I would prefer to avoid. I think we should call the lack of normal, exceptional! Enjoy your week.

    As always take good care,


  5. What’s *normal* anyway? I don’t think I’ve encountered it yet. Everyone has some layers of weird going on.

    Best line is quit raining on my “happy”. Love it. I think I might find reasons to use it 😉

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