The passage of Time


In the beginning
it is the small
of a
which somehow
while you
take it
for granted
without heed
or warning,
turns into
a roaring

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19 thoughts on “The passage of Time

  1. Nathalie, this is lovely, clever and so true! Beautifully written and the visuals you have created are stunning, especially with the use of the water to suggest the passage of time. Your use of many fabulous phrases produces such strong imagery, “gentle trickle”, “forgotten spring” and “terrifying waterfall”. This encourages me thinking about how many more times I’ll have the pleasure of circling the sun, not to mention how much there still is to do! You have selected a great image, I think the butterflies are a perfect touch, capturing time flying away. Enjoy the rest of your Thursday!

    Always warm wishes,

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    1. Thank you Pepperanne for a beautiful and in-depth comment. I thought the use of water was rather obvious but that’s genuinely how I feel about time…and yes, I’m also thinking about how much I still want to do and how long I’ll have to do it…cheery, isn’t it? Lol
      Have a great evening.
      Very warm wishes – Nathalie

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