Ghostly Fireworks


Bottle blonde with dark roots
worn leather
chunky rings on her fingers
smoky eyes, fuck-me shoes
smudged lip stain
looking around in disdain
at the stifling crowd
she can’t handle right now
where is the patron saints of introverts
when one ends up cornered by the herd
vodka in the pub,
tequila shots in the club,
stolen cigarette outside
shared with a passer-by
head spinning, smoke drafting up
she’s a drunken mess
can’t walk straight
’tis why she ends up fessing up
about the nightmares
sitting on the slimy stairs
the moon is watching from a great height
barely interested
she’s heard so many stories
over the centuries
yet she takes notice
when his soft voice meant to soothe
whispers the words of Milton and Keats
bottle blonde hair spilling on his shoulder
she sighs, listens hard
can’t help but remark
the purple sparks
going off in the dark
turns out there’s magic in the air
despite the seedy alleyway
when two minds collide
for a short while β€”
the dead poets’ words
illuminate the night like ghostly fireworks

57 thoughts on “Ghostly Fireworks

  1. It’s never pompous or self-indulgent to spend time in the 3D world. It’s healthy and normal and required. Regardless of its current hue of happiness or heartbreak, life beyond the screen is what makes us.
    Sending a hug and a wish for you to have a restful and recharging Sunday ❀

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    1. Oh gosh yes, I spend most of my time in the 3D world anyway, I’d go insane if I didn’t… it’s just that in this particular occasion I needed to spend *all* my time in it, a real proper break. Thank you Karin, I hope you have a great sunday too – hugs back ❀

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      1. I was just thinking that about us INFJs. I sometimes need lots of naps. Especially with the seasons changing here in the southeastern U.S. but need lots of rest anyway sometimes. This is very true.

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      1. Yes, just joking.

        If anyone tries to hurt them, I lose it. Everything goes black as I launch into an attack. Some time later, everything suddenly snaps back into focus as I survey the carnage and listen to the wailing of sirens approaching in the distance.

        (That was a joke too). Peace out!

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  2. Oh, Nathalie… What you proclaim as β€œdrunken writing (rambling)”… I find to be most provocatively stimulating while my mind wanders within your beautiful descriptive encounter… Thank you for the inspiration… β€œ…fuck-me shoes”? Really? I’m going to be watching more intently for someone wearing those…. and to think there will be those who wonder why I’m walking around with my eyes on the sidewalk…
    Enjoyed this immensely…
    Hope your evening is most beautiful…

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    1. Dear Michael, you have managed to make my face grow hot with embarrassment…you are far, far too kind.
      And I couldn’t help but laugh at the thought of you walking around with your eyes on the sidewalk…this has to be one of the best comments anybody has ever left!
      Thank you for your visit, I’m honoured and so pleased by it. I hope you have a wonderful week – Nathalie


  3. Hi love, I’ve missed you, haven’t been around much either, loved this piece Nathalie, every girl needs some ‘lay me down and fuck me shoes’ might have to put mine on πŸ˜‰ as always I love your way with words.
    I hope you are recharging your beautiful spirit ❀️ huge hugs to you my friend across the pond
    Xx much love, your friend Paris πŸ‘­

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    1. Thank you! Glad you liked my ramblings πŸ˜‰
      As it happens, I’m a bit of a fashion obsessive and I have a huge collection of shoes…which includes both “fuck-me” shoes *and* “fuck-me” boots as well…Lol

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      1. Ok…So my footwear radar was on! Good to know. What does a fuck me shoe entail in case in my pursuit of a woman I’d run into a pair. It would be great to know!!!

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      2. Oh wow, I’m currently too drunk to explain this to you with any coherence at all, I can assure you though, that if you were to encounter a pair of those particular shoes, you would definitely know what they are! Lol

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  4. Nathalie
    I’m reading you backwards in time. We all take time off to recharge as you said. I hope you’ve found the easy side of life again and you are refreshed. I’m sending you hugs dear lady.

    Now on this post. I know now it came from a dark side but, I’m sure you know me and my liking of dark.

    This write was off the charts fan-fucking-tastic!!!
    I’ve had those nights, many times. I’d share cigarettes and vodka with you lol any time

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Ax! I am refreshed, you just read my latest post, I’m happy! πŸ™‚
      I do know you and I do know your liking of dark πŸ˜‰ I have a liking of dark too, which is why I love your writing!
      *This comment* is fan-fucking-tastic and I’d share cigarettes and vodka with you in a (tequila) shot! lol Hugs ❀

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