Peak of Loneliness


After years 
of dedication
a hell of a lot
of stress
a smidgen of luck
a bucketful of pure selfishness
and mighty hard work –
money, success
and power
are now yours to hold
you’ve got what you’ve always wanted
pushed everyone away for
you’ve finally found the fucking match
and set the world on fire
it’s blazing
as high as mountains
blue-oranges, reds, yellow-gold
not seen since days of old
Alas, you’re watching that intense glow
completely and utterly alone

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31 thoughts on “Peak of Loneliness

    1. Thank you Rob! Yes, that’s exactly what it is: “be careful what you wish for”…make sure you are aware of all the implications, that you fully realise what the end result will mean in every possible way. There’s a price to pay for everything, you pay in the present and you pay later on too…so many people agree in theory to pay that future price and balk when the time comes…

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