The Girl under the Paris Bridge


She could only be found by the pure-hearted
the ones who believed in magic
and possibilities
the ones in dire need
the scarred, damaged

she gave them sweet caresses
or tender words
gently, she stroked
body or soul
sometimes both
whatever they needed

within her embrace
they found themselves
broken apart,

her voice, rising and falling
echoing under the bridge
musical notes cascading down
an unusual sonata composed
of nothing but arpeggios

whirling, shimmering in the air
getting caught in her wild mane of dark hair
reflected in the deep green pool of her eyes
the musical notes held them
told them
that anything could be fixed

before they left, she would
place her hand palm down
over their heart
and whisper
tu n’oublieras jamais

And they never did forget

they took the moment,
softly laid it in a piece of Chantilly lace,
folding it carefully
and tucking it away
to be taken out
and marvelled over
on sunless days
and starless nights

Like them, seek the girl under the Paris bridge
if you want to change your story
and choose your own ending

More drunken writing from me… this girl under the Paris bridge popped into my head out of nowhere and I found that I so badly wanted her to exist that I just had to make her up, give her life — now she’s real ❤

Written by Nathalie – October 10th 2015 (3am)


81 thoughts on “The Girl under the Paris Bridge

  1. Beautiful “drunken” writing! Not that your sober writing isn’t good, lol! I too wanted this person to be real. Wonderful, truly. On a random note, have you ever had anyone reblog every single one of your posts? Someone is doing that to me and I took the reblog button off now they’re linking to my posts and I spam them. It makes me want to make my blog private but I haven’t had issues til now and with just this one user. I don’t think I really like someone using my poetry on their site just because they don’t have their own original works! I looked at their blog and everything is a reblog! I can’t respect those people. Just curious if you’ve ever run into this. Thanks!

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    1. Thank you Dara, “drunken writing” is where it’s at! Lol
      Seriously though, many thanks, you’re such a talented writer and your comment just elicited a “yay!”
      Now, as for your problem, no I have never encountered it before…whoever it is is obviously your number one fan! Is there any way of contacting them via email? If you truly have a problem with it, you could let them know that way and explain why you object to it…I see your point, I don’t really understand having a blog when you have no work of your own to showcase…


      1. Yeah, I think so. I have thought of going private a long time ago, this just kind of pushed me to seriously consider it. I’d invite readers of course who want to read.

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      2. Well, it is up to you of course, as long as I can keep reading you then I’m happy…but you’d be depriving newcomers the opportunity of enjoying your words…


      3. This is true. I’ve thought about that but honestly, I don’t get a lot of newcomers or views, maybe occasionally. I don’t get high numbers honestly which is ok. My brand of poetry isn’t very “popular”. I’m fine with that. I can think of a number of people that I’ve enjoyed interacting with. The majority of others are just looking for followers or for me to like them back. I really hate that.


  2. This is beautiful – and when did I become French? Can so relate to this one, trying to fix lost souls, forever & always. The bridge reference is also personal. Thank-you. ❤

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      1. I always think maybe *some day* I’ll get over it, that I AM over it, but then I realize I’m not. It is hard to change one’s own nature, is it not?

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  3. Baudelaire was right about drinking and writing. You prove it here. I would say, imagine what she can do when not drunk if you can write so well when you are drunk but truth is, drinking can bring the best of us out (and the worst) and this is truly, a gorgeous piece of writing N.

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      1. Agreed! Have you ever (I’m going to get the giggles remembering this) thought you were writing THE Opus and you’re like OMG I’m a genius! And then you wake up next day and there is this minging mess of words and you can’t BELIEVE you though it was so good at the time! I’ve done that!

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      2. OMG, yes! Of course! Hahaha I’m thinking of a particularly piece actually…that I thought was THE most amazing bit of writing ever…and it turned out to be incoherent shit obviously…and the next morning I was like, what happened? WHO messed with my genius stuff in the night? What kind of a screwed up writing fairy did THIS?? 😂

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      3. HA HA HA HA! I did that once too! I was stoned and I wrote reams of words thinking FUCK ME I’m A DAMN GENIUS and next morning I read it and I was like, SHIT I’m a blithering fool who can’t hold her juju. It was hilarious. Oh the beliefs we have! That said, when we get it right (when you get it right) it’s SOLID GOLD

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  4. Hi!
    I hope you don’t mind my asking, but is the girl actually a metaphor for the Seine? That was my immediate thought on reading the poem. If she is the Seine, that makes the poem slightly dark as well as beautiful…and nothing wrong with that, in fact, everything right with it. It’s a lovely poem, and I greatly enjoy reading your work.
    All the best

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    1. Thank you so much Penny. Of course I don’t mind you asking 🙂 I did not write it with the Seine in mind but then again it was one of those that just came to me out of nowhere as I was cooking, believe it or not…so I’m not even sure what it was all about to be perfectly honest. Thank you for your lovely comments, I really appreciate them 🙂


  5. What I lovely way to describe character story telling, ‘I found that I so badly wanted her to exist that I just had to make her up, give her life — now she’s real’.

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  6. Sous le ponts de Paris was one of the first songs i learned (in French class) in lower school. 🙂

    Now when i hear it i will think of ‘Anais’ the unforgettable fallen angel residing there.

    I’m sure you do not need further confirmation, but, drunk and sober – you sure can write! 🙂

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