Worst Thank You Ever

walking-dead Dumpster scene Nicholas and Glenn

The last couple of episodes of The Walking Dead are easily the best thing I’ve ever seen on TV in terms of pure “on the edge of your seat” tension. After the last episode, I was emotionally drained… I screamed, whimpered, I watched through my fingers at times, I cried and cried some more and frantically clutched the TV remote control almost hard enough to leave finger grooves into it.
I’ve always said that this show is not really about zombies but basic human psychology…now, I get that in this post apocalyptic world, the rules are gone and you’ve got to do what you need to survive. I get that, I really do and I love how we’ve been shown the struggle of trying to hold on to your humanity while trying to stay alive – an almost impossible challenge at times.

It was fascinating watching the differences between the Alexandrians who have been protected and, let’s face it, incredibly lucky so far, and Rick’s group who have been to hell and back…the inevitable frictions between the ones who had been ‘out there’ and knew how tough it was, and the people of Alexandria – who didn’t have a clue and therefore held on to their ‘principles’ – were riveting because you could identify with them all. Even in Rick’s group, everybody has evolved in different ways, with Glenn staying true to himself and Carol becoming a total badass. And still, you could identify with both of them, Glenn gave Nicholas another chance which is something Carol would never have done…I cheered when Glenn gave Nicholas the opportunity to redeem himself but I also became even more of a Carol fan (I didn’t think it was possible) when she took charge last week as Alexandria was attacked by the wolves…I love Glenn and Carol both, I understand them both and I realise that they are vital assets to Alexandria, the both of them.

So, the complexity of human nature is fascinating and the many shades of grey rather than simplistic black and white feels real. Only lately, the shows seems to make a rather too obvious point that kindness and empathy have to be punished, every single time. Rick was all for “getting rid” of the Alexandria doctor because he was a wife beater and dangerous, people in Alexandria objected, obviously…and the result? One half of their founders killed by said doctor. Okay, point made.
But the writers keep making that point over and over. Morgan will not kill anyone, he’s all about the sanctity of life “especially now” as he puts it…and I’m down with that, but I’m sure I wasn’t the only one who wanted to throttle him when he let some of the wolves escape last week…the very same wolves who then attacked Rick in the last episode. So Morgan and his principles may just have condemned Rick and therefore the whole of Alexandria. Again, point made loud and clear. Michonne refused to leave anyone behind despite what Rick advised her to do. Result? Hardly any of them make it back – point rammed down our throats. And now Glenn? He gave Nicholas a second chance which (apparently) is something he has now paid for with his life. Give us a break now, will you?? POINT F*****G MADE!

That scene with Nicholas and Glenn on top of that dumpster was fantastically well done, I am not sure I breathed at all for 30 seconds or so, until I heard a heartbreaking “nooooo!” and realised it was coming from me. Then the tears came. By the end of the episode, the sight of Rick actually looking panicked (a very rare occurrence) hardly made an impact because I was emotionally exhausted.

Discussion with friends followed the episode and one of them advanced the theory that Glenn isn’t dead, that Nicholas fell on top of him and Nicholas is the one being torn apart by the walkers…I somehow found the courage to watch that scene again and it looks like that could indeed be true…Glenn’s face does seem to show horror rather than pain. Still, even if that’s the case, how can he get out of this alive in a plausible manner? And wouldn’t that be a cheap dirty trick from the show? To put us through emotional turmoil for nothing? In any case, I do hope Glenn is still alive, he’s one of the few characters I’m really attached to. Plus, I’ve had enough of the show punishing the characters who have held on to their humanity. As much as I love Rick and Carol, as much as I realise how necessary they are to the survival of Alexandria, they have gone slightly nuclear. We need individuals who balance each other out and Glenn, like Daryl, is vital to keep Rick and Carol under some kind of control. We need some kindness and humanity TWD writers, otherwise, what’s the point of survival if all that’s left is coldness and selfishness?

Last time I wrote about The Walking Dead was back in March: Psychology and the various layers of human behaviour


38 thoughts on “Worst Thank You Ever

  1. This was a great read! I got halfway through the third season of Walking Dead, in fact, the last episode I watched was the one where Rick’s wife dies. For some reason though, I stopped watching after that and that was a year ago. Now, I’m totally psyched for getting back into it. Thank you for giving me the push 🙂 x

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    1. Ha, I remember the episode where Rick’s wife died, another really emotional moment for me there. You should definitely get back into it, I believe it’s the best thing on TV (even better than Game of Thrones and that’s saying something for me) and contrary to appearances, it’s not just for gore aficionados, but rather for “thinkers” because of the psychology involved. I also have a huge enduring crush on Rick (despite his ongoing battle to instal a ‘Ricktatorship’ and destroy any kind of democracy) that I admit to for the sake of transparency 😉
      Do ignore my ramblings and give it another go, the latest season and the one before that are the best yet 🙂 x
      Ps: if you ever need more motivation:https://arwenaragornstar.com/2015/03/03/psychology-and-the-various-layers-of-human-behaviour/ 😉

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    1. See, I know what you are saying because that’s what I kind of said…HOW could he possibly get out of this in a plausible manner?? And let’s just say that they found a way to get him out of this alive realistically…then they would have pulled this huge (dirty) emotional stunt on us so…yes, I get what you’re saying, he really *should* be dead…but I so don’t want him to be 😥

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      1. I want him to be alive, too. But if he is, they pulled a cheap emotional stunt on us, the loyal viewers, that we didn’t deserve. I’ve got this feeling he’s gonna pop up on the mid-season finale. I hope I’m wrong, but I also hope I’m right, and then I get mad. Ugh!

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  2. I did not know you were a Walking Dead fan! I watched that episode alone. Big mistake. I was a wreck and in shock and had no one to cry about it to! I hope he is still alive somehow. I’m not sure how…but they did leave it sort of ambiguous, don’t you think? Or maybe I’m just grasping here lol

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    1. I’m a huge TWD fan! lol
      I didn’t watch this episode alone but I might as well have! the very *manly* man who was with me told me to “pull myself together” while I was wailing “but how could they!! They’ve killed Glenn!! You just don’t understand, I would have died too because I’m too nice, like Glenn!!”…and so on! Haha
      I think he’s probably still alive too though, I don’t think it’s grasping to think so…although I must say it was a dirty trick from the writers if they get him out of “that” situation alive and put us through all that for nothing! We just have to wait till next episode when, hopefully, all will be revealed 🙂

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  3. I loved that episode. I watched the talking dead afterwards, and they made a great point. Any time that any major character had died, they made an appearance immediately after the episode that they perished in. Steve Yeun wasn’t on the Talking Dead. I wonder about Rick’s hand, too. In the comic, he has it amputated early on. I wonder if that’s what’s in store for him. They seemed to really focus on his hand while he was jogging and dealing with the wolves. I can’t wait until Sunday!!

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    1. Rob, I can honestly say that it is the best episode I’ve ever seen from *any* TV show, it even beats The Red Wedding on Game of Thrones in my opinion, and that’s not a statement I make lightly.
      I didn’t see The Talking Dead this week because I was straight on the phone discussing the episode with my friends but I have heard that Steve Yeun wasn’t on it, and yes, that’s a major clue that we haven’t seen the last of him. I haven’t read the comics either but one of my friends who has told me ages ago that Rick loses a hand in it and, like you, I couldn’t help but think of that because they DID make a big deal of his injured hand in the episode. Gosh I can’t wait to see what happens next, I have to wait till monday night in the UK to see how it all unfolds…I’m so jealous of you guys across the pond!! Lol

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      1. I’ll be sure not to provide any spoilers then! lol It’s one of my favorite shows ever. I wasn’t blown away by Fear the Walking Dead and hope that gets better next season.

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      2. Lol, I usually avoid Twitter and Facebook on Mondays so I don’t see any spoilers 😉
        I never saw Fear the Walking Dead because I was told it wasn’t all that good and I was too busy to make room for it if that was the case…I may catch up with it at some point in the future though

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  4. An excellent and very interesting piece of writing.
    I have never seen the show but I now feel as though I’ve missed something worth watching.
    Not sure if it is on in England.

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  5. Wonderful article. I don’t know why, but I can’t get into this series. I watch it because it is a must see for the others around here. I must be missing a gore gene! 🙂

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      1. no, no…I will have to dig further into this, as I said I am missing something that perhaps I need to know. Thank you for the fine post!

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  6. You summed it up pretty well, amiga! Now that we have us hooked, we have to keep watching! It’s almost like being in an abusive relationship. You keep watching, telling yourself that next time it will be different. And the writers play with you a bit, and then they give you another battering. We need to start a support group for abused fans of TWD.

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    1. A support group for abused fans of TWD, what a great idea! You should get to work on that, since it’s your idea 😉 and I’ll be the first to join once it’s all set up…it’s bound to be really successful, there’s LOTS of us out there! 😉


  7. I love this and agree! Nicely put 😊 I’ve been a devoted, almost obsessive fan of TWD since the beginning. It’s the reason I got on Twitter.
    Yes, the ‘zombies’ are secondary. It’s the characters who bring life to the undead landscape. Concerning Glenn, his death makes no sense. Not one of the main, especially beloved characters, has died alone. Long story short, he’s alive. 😊❤️

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    1. Haa! I love it when I hear that someone else “gets” The Walking Dead like I do 😉
      Yes, I’m not going to get into the details either (lol) but I’m also pretty sure that Glenn is alive. I hope that tomorrow night’s episode brings answers #Excited
      PS: on another note, I keep following you and yet whenever your name appears after I’ve done so, I see that WordPress must have unfollowed you on my behalf. And this happens *every single time*, it’s starting to irritate me quite a bit.

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      1. I am ALWAYS so happy to meet another Walking Dead fan also. We are kindred souls. 😊 I used to be on the AMC forum & we would dissect & psychoanalyze every episode. I have been gutted & destroyed when my favorite characters died. I’ve also cheered & reveled in the deaths of the evil ones. (I thought the Governor’s was FAR too quick & merciful for his crimes) 😈
        I look forward to your thoughts on tonight’s show!
        Damn WordPress! Like Twitter, loves to create unfollowing drama 👿
        No worries, Doll. Thank you for following & reading me. You are an amazing writer, truly . 🍃🌺🍃

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      2. YES! The Governor’s death was far, far too quick and not at all painful enough…what I love about this show is that it exposes all different sides of human nature and the fact that the “enemy” is actually other live people most of the time rather than the walkers…and it really shouldn’t be that way, right… and the governor was a perfect example of that! Honestly, I get SO invested in the characters, and when a favourite one dies, I go to pieces. Last week and Glenn was truly horrific for me…anyway, I have to wait till tomorrow night to see the next episode as I’m in the UK, I really am so jealous of you guys able to see it a full day ahead of us…which also means I have to keep off FB and Twitter till then so I don’t get spoilers, argh!
        I’m going to shut up now, lol, thanks for reading also, and for your awesome comments as well 😉

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      3. Aw, you have to wait? 😕 Well, then I PROMISE, no spoilers. ❤️
        I never post them on Twitter either. I hate when people do that.

        And I agree 💯‼️ with you. I STILL miss Dale… 😢
        Have a beautiful night, Doll 🍃🌺

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      4. I shall follow you! 😊
        I have a list of scenes that:
        A) made me cry
        B) made me cheer in bloodlust
        C) made me sit there speechless,
        my mouth literally open

        🍃🌺🍃 getting ready to watch… Shhh… Lips sealed 😈❤️

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      5. Haha, *some* would say you are obsessed! However I am not one of those 😉
        I hope you enjoyed that episode, it was a weird one for me but I thought it was good. Good enough that I quickly had to write something about it. Some would say I’m also obsessed, it’s not like I’m drowning in spare time but I just had to do a rushed write-up about the latest episode.
        So probably I am *a little* obsessed 😉

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