Pray for Paris

Paris is under siege, again, and I can’t even deal with it. I am in shock, I’m appalled, I’m incredibly upset. Please pray for Paris and France, those attacks are obviously coordinated and it might yet escalate further. My countrymen need our thoughts and prayers.

53 thoughts on “Pray for Paris

      1. Insanity is the right word, there is no other way to explain it. Again, thank you Antony, all those thoughts and prayers flying to France are worth something, they’re worth so much ❀

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      1. Yes, you’d be right as well if the first reports coming in are accurate. I know whom you’re thinking about, that was my first thought too…it hasn’t been confirmed yet but witnesses report that “allah is great” was heard as the detonations started. We shall see

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    1. My family was nowhere near and I’ve now heard from all my friends in Paris, they are safe and sound but obviously shaken. I am thinking of all those poor innocent people killed tonight, who were neither my friends nor family but who had their own set of relatives and friends who must be devastated. My heart bleeds for them all.
      Thank you for your thoughts, it means so much, it really does.

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  1. I’m just now looking this up when I read your post. I don’t watch the news, and hadn’t seen it online yet. Sorry to hear about this. It is appalling and gut wrenching the violence of mankind. My thoughts are with the citizens.

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  2. ohh…it’s early morning in India… just checked News after reading your post… this is really sad… Sssly time and again a few individuals disrupt the bonhomie in this world, and remind us that eternal peace is an illusion :/

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    1. Peace *is* an illusion, isn’t it? Thank you for those words, I am beyond exhausted right now, emotionally drained, it is 2.16am over here and I’ve spent the evening glued to the news and trying to reach friends in Paris. I believe I shall try to get some rest now. Again, thank you, you and all the other lovely bloggers on WordPress have been a comfort tonight

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    I wished the world was more like this -this community of bloggers that we are part of -here we don’t care for each other’s nationality, or religion, or hate each other for being different. We respect each others views, their work, their identity.. Pray for Paris


  4. My thoughts are with you and France. Glad to hear your friends and family are safe. It can (sadly) happen aanywhere. I live and work in London and sometimes as I walk through the capital I remember the bombings of the past on the underground and the bus. Take care of yourself. Kevin

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  5. I’ve heard what happened yesterday and I couldn’t sleep after that. I thought about writing about it but I really don’t know what to say… I can’t even imagine how the people in Paris felt. It makes one feel hopeless but my thoughts are with them.

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  6. I just can’t hack this terrorism phenomenon that’s somewhat become a global scourge! Its pretty unsettling how a group of morbid and depraved fanatics…. ‘nut cases’ plagued by blood lust, with absolutely no moral scruples; to know when enough is way too much! They simply just cross the line effortlessly and there’s no coming back for them and the innocent folks whose lives are snuffed out and wasted so senselessly and needlessly! Man’s inhumanity to man has ascended new dangerous heights, where hate and wickedness is enthroned by a vile lot playing God and leaving destruction and tears in their wake!

    The whole Earth stands in total solidarity with Paris and every nation being held to ransome! It isn’t over till peace, love and justice reigns supreme and overcome we shall…in time! God for us all! Take heart Purple, lotsa love! πŸ˜‡β€


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