UK somehow manages fifth successive year with no mass shootings



UK somehow manages fifth successive year with no mass shootings

This is not a “real” news site, obviously, but a satirical one – what else is there but satire when a thorny issue is left ‘forever’ unresolved, while the number of unnecessary deaths are escalating…

I wrote about this weeks ago… Life – not a John Wayne movie …and here we are again, my post being as current today as it was then, sadly and tragically current. 


18 thoughts on “UK somehow manages fifth successive year with no mass shootings

  1. The crazy thing is, the rest of the developed world keeps looking at America an shaking it’s head while America – the people of America – do nothing. It’s got to the point where we’re sick of telling them, so we’ve kind of given up.

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    1. Yes, I agree with that, it’s got to the point where people in Europe just shake their head when they hear of yet another shooting in the US, and just mumble: “well, what do they expect?”
      It’s tragic though, and it makes me angry every single time because it could *so easily* be avoided.

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      1. His solution to the Paris shootings is to arm everyone in Paris so it won’t happen again. Yeah. That’ll help. The other day he was mocking a disabled reporter. This man is a vile, disgusting excuse of a human being. $Amen$

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  2. In the US we’ve had 355 mass shootings (4+ victims) this year with 462 people killed, 1314 injuries. This accounts for only 5% of the US shooting deaths. Approximately 33,000 people die to gun violence here every year – that’s a 9/11 every month. The shootings have taken place in 47 separate states. It is complete insanity.

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  3. I am sickened by the recent terrorist strike on my homeland…what I find interesting is what I hear from the rest of the world is this: no matter what action or lack of that the US takes, it is wrong. Make up your minds, do you want us to war or not?


    1. I’m not sure there is a clear-cut answer to this, it all depends on who you’re talking to I suppose. I think everybody’s mind is made up, it’s just that they don’t agree on what it is that should be done…

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  4. Telling some Americans that there needs to be stricter gun laws is like telling some people that Jesus does or does not exist. I like guns but they don’t serve much of a purpose besides for hunting(animals not people) and collecting. The self-defense idea is mostly nonsensical considering the rare instances a gun needs to be used for self-defense compared to suicide, accidents and murder.


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