Inky Stains

I’m not attempting to emulate the great poets. I’m not trying to rekindle a flame, revive the names of those long dead.

I follow no rules. If anything, I break them. I just pick up words, that are lying here and there, infuse them with my ardour, my breaths. Watch them take flight, carrying my feelings, my thoughts, my whispers, to the world.

Little pieces of my heart and my mind… ending up stuffed in dirty gutters… or lining opulent boulevards.

It matters little either way… what does is the need, the necessity, to open up my veins, bleed out the pain, release the trop-plein that would otherwise slowly suffocate me β€” if glory there is to be, then I’ll take it by all means… but it is not the motivation or the impetus for the inky stains I leave behind me.

The same words and feelings echoed by so many people, so many of us out there, doing it all in our different ways. The same words…different voices…different noises. I’m not pretending to be anyone but me. I have no wish to be anyone else.

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33 thoughts on “Inky Stains

  1. I think breaking the rules makes art. Your prose is very evocative, like paint on a canvas. So many colors and brush strokes to admire and decipher. Simply put – beautiful.

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  2. Beautiful to break the rules with flair and depth of soul. I often wonder if it is possible to emulate other poets. It’s such a personal outpouring of ones heart, yet it seems there are so many critics with rules. You are an amazing writer and person. I always find inspiration from your words. 🌹

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    1. Thank you so much, I’ve known quite a few people who have tried and failed to “imitate”, but that’s a silly thing to do since an original is always preferable to a copy, no matter how good the copy is.
      Thank you for your lovely words, I think you’re an amazing writer too – I can sense a tortured and passionate soul in your words (it takes one to know one, right?) so I really identify ❀

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      1. The link is nothing to do with me, if you’re talking about the polldaddy thingy, it’s a WordPress bug, I get that link underneath all the comments left on my blog, underneath your comments as well :-/
        And you’re very welcome, it was from the heart, from mine… straight to yours πŸ™‚ ❀

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      1. Well, I hope so. It’s always good stuff. BTW, there is a link to a poll at the bottom of your comment (Poll Daddy). Clicking on the link just sends you to a page of code. Letting you know FYI.

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      2. Thanks for the info, but that’s nothing to do with me, it’s a WordPress bug, I’m getting the polldaddy link underneath all the comments left on my blog as well, there is one under this comment you just left too. I hope WordPress sorts it out soon, it’s kinda annoying!


  3. You do weave words with a talent. I love the imagery you create.

    “I just pick up words, that are lying here and there … watch them take flight …” There is a careless randomness to the image that appeals to me like you don’t really know where the words are going to go and that’s ok.

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  4. You and I share a common interest.

    I too, don’t follow the rules, when it comes to poetry or art.
    I’m unconventional in the sense of creating something different that no one has ever heard before.

    You have brought such a dynamic & powerful writing prose.
    I love everything that you said here…Well, done.

    P.S I’m going to be posting something very soon today. Keep your eyes open.
    You will like it a lot. πŸ™‚

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  5. I have always likened it to peeling away the layers of self protection and taking an inner journey to self. Once you arrive in that place, the spirit has this natural lyrical quality and poetic voice. it is simply a matter of letting your spirit speak.

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