Hunting Monsters


Ravaged by loss
Made brutal by it
Our sole purpose
was to hunt the monsters
who had maimed us
scarred us deep inside
We hunted
We hurt
We tortured
rendered insane by blood lust
inspired by Váli
pretending we were deities
in search of elusive peace
brought on by revenge
But we never did find peace
Instead we had to admit —
the pain did not wane
the emptiness remained
it finally, cruelly, dawned on us
we had become the monsters

Image credit: Cindy Grundsten

13 thoughts on “Hunting Monsters

    1. Antony, it *was* written while intoxicated, LOL
      Thank you though, your words mean so much to me because you’re such an awesome writer and such an awesome person. I still haven’t recovered from reading “I can see reasons”…I so identified with it for personal reasons…and it was *so* beautifully written…man, I got choked up real bad…only a gorgeous soul could have written those words – hugs ❤ xoxo

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      1. Nathalie! This comment gave me shivers. Hard to accept praise but coming from you it means a lot. Glad you felt my poem, as for how deeply you felt it, I hope the sad parts are just a glimpse of the tough side of life. And that you feel and are embraced by love every day, even a little something as simple as a thank you from a humbled friend on the other side of this world.

        Happy New Year Sweet Nathalie. je t’adore 🙏❤️

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Antony, I *never* say anything I don’t mean, and I meant this from the bottom of my heart – you are so worthy of that praise, please believe it and never forget it ❤
        Je t'adore aussi mon très cher ami ❤

        Liked by 1 person

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