I am the planet
towards which they gravitate
They are pulled inexorably
to me — and me only
So many shades of dark
they expect me to brighten
So many wilting flowers
I’m supposed to revive
Be my sun, Be my sky
Be my stars,
Be my strength” —
and my heart
and mind impart
But still, always
they want more
They tear me apart
with their love
and need
Little pieces of me
bubbles in a glass of Chablis
rising to the surface
that they take – steal – in earnest
I’m an INFJ
not a goddess
or priestess
I long to kick that pedestal away
They leave me
while they
fly off, refreshed
If you don’t, at times, let me be
There will be nothing left of me

If this (kind of) reads like a rant, that’s because it is (kind of)

Image credit: parablev’s deviantart gallery

25 thoughts on “INFJ

  1. An amazing read! They say we often feel this way give, give, give (and energy transference) until we need to retreat. I can of course SO relate. We are called “the counselor” but wow, we need to recharge too, lol!

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    1. Exactly! I don’t mind people coming to me for advice and everything else, I don’t even mind too much that they always claim I’m “the only one” who can understand/advise/sympathise/sort it out… but sometimes it just feels like too much, it feels like it’s all the time, and quite frankly, it is true that INFJs are magnets for all kinds of attention – a lot of it unwanted.
      I’m afraid I’m ranting again! Lol


      1. LOL! No, it’s true though. It’s like you want to say, “hey, can’t you figure this out? Can’t you think for yourself!” Not to be mean but I sometimes think that way, lol…

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  2. From one INFJ to another, I can relate. It must be the time of year. I’m needing to *recharge* too and just want to be left alone quietly with my colouring book. I can’t even find words for my blog.

    Best wishes for 2016.


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